Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Messenger Chatbots

What Is A Chatbot?

A chatbot is an application that simulates a conversation with a person in a messenger app like Facebook Messenger. With the help of A.I. (artificial intelligence), the chatbot can learn to understand what you are saying and provide the required answer.

Progress in A.I. and mobile communications has produced an excellent opportunity for digital marketers to use chatbots as a powerful tool to automate user communications 24/7.

For example, according to the latest research by Imperva Incapsula, bots generated more than 50% of Internet traffic only in 2016.

What Can Chatbots Do, Exactly?What Can Chatbots Do, Exactly

There are two types of chatbots available for you to use. The first type is a tree-like chat bot that uses a certain defined set of rules to communicate.

The second type is quite advanced and uses machine learning to evolve and respond to different queries outside of the defined ruleset. It feels more natural.

Chatbots that function based on pre-defined rules are very limited in their use. These can only respond to specific commands and queries. If you say anything that they doesn’t recognize then they won’t respond.

Chatbots that use machine learning are much more advanced. They use A.I. to adapt to the user’s conversation and grow overtime.

You don’t need to use specific commands to talk to these bots, as they will often understand your language. These bots also get smarter with each conversation as they keep learning and evolving.

How Are People Using ChatBots?

Chatbots are actually created with a purpose. If a store creates a chatbot then its purpose is to take orders, show catalogue, etc. If a chatbot is created for a news site, it would show recent news and things like that.

Here’s a chatbot by CNN, go ahead and give it a try. Talk to it and you will be amazed.How Are People Using ChatBots

Using ChatBots For Your Business

Nowadays, more people rely on Facebook for news and information, so chatbots can help increase direct engagement with your consumers.

This allows you to market and remarket to your users with ad campaigns in their Facebook news feed even if they didn’t like your Facebook page yet.

Chatbots also allows businesses to interact with your customers and potential customers, and provide them with information regarding your business.

It can also be used to promote your products or even provide customer support to all your users.

What Can Chatbots Do?

Here are numerous uses for a chatbot. Some use them in the ecommerce industry as a way to deliver information regarding their products, while some utilize them in banking to help the customers with their queries.

There are so many uses for chatbots and they can pretty much be used in any type of business out there.

Chatbots for EducationChatbots for Education

Source: Nerdify bot

Chatbots can help you learn. These bots are created to provide the users with educational content like English language teaching bot, etc.

These bots can define words, phrases, synonyms, etc so the user can easily learn their desired subject/language.

Chatbots for Marketing and Sales

These bots operate 24/7 providing the customers with useful promotional information regarding the brand’s products and services.Chatbots for Marketing and Sales

These chatbots can send the users a welcome message, answer their basic queries, provide promotional content, and connect them to a human agent, should the need arise.

Chatbots as Customer Support Sidekicks

These bots have a set of FAQs and other queries already defined for them. So, whenever a customer asks them a question, they provide an answer related to the keywords in the customer’s message.

These bots help as a sidekick for the human support agents and if any query is unknown for the bot then they can connect the user to a support member.

Should You Use A Chatbot?

It entirely depends on what you want to do with your chatbot. But, having a chatbot would never hurts. If you are already doing email marketing then it’ll serve as another marketing tool.

The double force of a chatbot and email campaigns can bring in much more engagement for your businesses while also providing your customers with interactive and fun chatbots.

Chatbot can also solve many business issues: they can replace managers, admins, HR, and support agents.

The main advantage of chatbots is that they do not need any additional costs, which means they also save the company money and time.

Final Words

Your role as a digital marketer should be to take the chatbots and make them part of your toolkit. You should study and fully comprehend the role and the power of chatbots.

You should also decide on how you can utilize them and how these chatbots can actually compliment your online business and solve problems for you.

Let us know how you are utilizing chatbots for your business. Comment below.

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