How to automate your Instagram account

Do you want loads of followers on your Instagram account?

Who doesn’t? However, it’s quite challenging for new entrants.

But, you can still make that happen.

And you don’t even have to lift a finger.

In this article, we show you a simple yet effective way to automate your Instagram account to gain thousands of followers.

We provide all the details you need to get things rolling.

First things first, you need an attractive and a memorable username for your Instagram profile. It should be relevant to your niche. Now let’s move onto the automation part.

Find Targeted Influencers or Profiles

Research is the first and the most important part of Instagram, or any other type of automation. You can only set up automation after doing proper research because otherwise, the whole automation strategy can backfire and even lead to bans and restrictions on your account. (Discussed later in the article)

Here’s what you should be looking for when finding influencers profiles:

  • You need around 40-50 relevant profiles with a high number of followers. You are going to follow their followers.
  • You need another 30-50 relevant profiles with a high number of followers. You are going to auto-post comments on these profiles.
  • Check to see that the engagement rate is high on the profiles you choose. (Use the tool shown in Step 3.)
  • Make sure that they are posting content on a regular basis.
  • Skip profiles that have an inconsistent posting schedule.

So, how do you find such profiles?

It’s easy. You can do a manutheir account bioing hashtags on Instagram or perform a much easier Google custom search.

Here’s how you can perform a custom Google search to find Instagram influencers.

Step 1.

Perform a Google search with ( “niche keyword”) – replace “niche keyword” with your keyword. Google will show you the hashtag pages, but in addition to that, it will also show you a good number of profiles that have your desired keyword included in their account bio.Instagram account for your business

Added bonus: Search results will also show the exact number of posts and followers for each individual Instagram account.

Step 2.

Use the SearchMy.Bio tool to see the top performing content for each Instagram profile. You should focus on their top performing content and the best-performing-hashtags used.Instagram relevant profiles

If your relevant hashtags are used in most of their top content then you can be sure that’s a targeted profile for you.

Step 3.

Now check these profiles individually to see their posting activity. Check how recent their last post is. If it’s within the last 2 days then that means they

Use these steps to find at least 80 relevant profiles to your niche. These are the people you are going to use in your automation.

Fret not, we’ll show you exactly what you need to do.

Top 3 Best Tools for Instagram Automation

Before you move onto the actual automation setup, you need to select the perfect Instagram automation tool to use. There are hundreds of tools available out there, but you don’t have to buy all of them. One would suffice.

So, here are the top 5 best tools for Instagram automation that we recommend. You can choose any single one of these for your account automation.

1. Combin

Combin is a desktop-based tool that helps you automate your Instagram account and grow it without doing any manual work. You can use this tool to easily participate in discussion with your targeted profiles.automate your Instagram account and grow it without doing any manual work

You can automate your likes, follows, and comments with just a few clicks and have them performed while you sleep, according to Instagram’s daily activity limits to avoid any trouble.

2. Jarvee

Jarvee is an all-around social media automation tool that works with multiple social media platforms. Instagram is also supported and this intelligent tool lets you schedule your content at peak engagement times, interacts with your followers and fans, and also helps you find targeted users.Jarvee Instagram automation tool

Jarvee provides all the automation tools that you would require from an intelligent automation bot. It does the follow-unfollow, like-unlike, and posting on your behalf to attract as many genuine followers as possible.

3. Instazood

Instazood is another simple and straightforward Instagram bot that helps you achieve your desired number of followers with as little effort as possible. It helps you automate your entire Instagram profile to gain trusted and genuine followers by engaging with them.Instazood instagram automation tool

It provides a safe service when it comes to automation. The bot stays under the radar when auto-posting, liking, or following on Instagram to ensure your account’s safety.

So, now that you have the list of automation tools and bots at your disposal. It’s time to pick one and get started with the real automation strategy.

Here’s what you need to do to automate your Instagram account.

Setup Automation on Instagram

So, now’s the time we help you set up your automation tools. These are the basic features you need to tweak in your desired automation tool.  

Setup Follow Automation

Remember the targeted profiles you noted down in the first step? Now’s the time to put these profiles to goods. Use these profiles in the Sources section of the tool you are using. You can also use the automation tool to extract relevant profiles for you, but doing the profile finding process by yourself is a much better alternative and lets you find quality profiles to follow.Setup Follow Automation

All these sources will show up in the tool. You can automatically follow and un-follow these accounts through the tool. You can follow people by keywords, follow friends of other people, follow people from a provided list, etc.

Here are some things to keep in mind when setting up your follow automation.

  • Follow only the followers of your targeted profile who have liked the most recent post of theirs.
  • Follow only 200 to 250 people on a daily basis.
  • Try to divide all the follows on an hourly basis. Try to follow 8 to 10 people in a single hour.
  • Make sure to like the most recent post of the person you followed.
  • Write a comment that doesn’t sound too spammy. Try something like “Wow, that’s awesome”, “Woah, great”, “Awesome stuff”, etc. Keep at least 5-6 different responses and keep switching them to avoid being marked as a spammer.

Setup Unfollow Automation

You don’t want to endlessly follow accounts forever. You need to unfollow them after a few days. If you are not getting follow backs then those accounts are definitely useless for you, so it’s better to get rid of them and follow other accounts for better results.

You can set the unfollow in the same way you setup follow automation. Just set up a minimum number of days after which the tool will automatically unfollow the accounts. Here are some of the things you need to consider before setting up unfollow automation.

  • Unfollow around 200 to 230 people on a daily basis.
  • Unfollow accounts after 2-3 days of following them.
  • Try to unfollow only 8 to 10 people in an hour. This is the same as following them.

Setup Comment Automation

Setting up comments is a tricky part because you can’t just post the same comment everywhere on Instagram. That’s a surefire way of getting marked as a spammer and losing all your progress in an instant. It’s great to mix things up when making comments.

Try to come up with at least 6-8 comments that are not too specific and vague enough to fit into multiple scenarios. For example, a simple “Wow, that’s epic” will work nicely on multiple types of posts on Instagram. So, try to keep at least 6-8 similar comments in a rotation.

Here are some comments you can add to your tool.

  • “Great post”
  • “Love the stuff your post”
  • “You have a great profile and content”
  • “Awesome pics”
  • “Good stuff, keep them coming”
  • “I am a big fan of your style”

These are just some examples you can use. Try to come up with unique comments that work for you. You can even incorporate your niche in the comments if that’s possible. You just have to test things out to see what works and what doesn’t.

CAUTION: Things to consider when using an automation tool

Now, you know how you can use these automation tools to grow your Instagram followers. However, it’s not all sunshine with these tools. You need to monitor the activity on a daily basis to see if all things are running smoothly.

Here are a few things you need to actively avoid if you don’t want your account get banned.

  • No copyrighted content. Don’t spam content that has trademarks or copyrights because you will be banned quickly.
  • Never go over the daily posting, follow/unfollow, or likes limit. This is dangerous territory, so it’s better to always stay under the limit.
  • As mentioned above, keep variation in your comments to avoid being tagged as a bot or spammer.
  • Monitor the tool daily to see if everything is working accordingly. If there are any issues then try to solve them as quickly as possible. Most tools offer a great support team to solve your issues.
  • Sometimes the bot changes IP which might trigger a lock on the Instagram account, in such case you need to approve the IP for the bot to start working again, so keep an eye on it.
  • Constantly change and tweak your bot targets to optimize your conversion rates. Don’t just forget about it once you set it up.

Hopefully, now you have a clear idea on how to automate your Instagram account to gain boost your followers. This is a great technique for newbie Instagram users to gain a quick boost in their follower count. However, we recommend that once you get a decent number of followers, you start posting some manual content and engage with your followers manually as well.

Now, you have less Instagram work and way more time on your hand to grow your business in many different ways. Let us know what else you need help with and we’ll try our best to help you out. Comment below.

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