Shopify Launches An All New App Store

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The Shopify App Store was first launched back in 2009, and since then there have been thousands of apps built and released by the community of developers to help merchants. Around 85% of Shopify merchants say they now rely on Shopify apps to run their online stores. With that in mind, Shopify has always tried their best to provide merchants with an easy to use app store and improve their overall experience.

Now, the Shopify App Store is going through a complete revamp and launching with an all-new look, improved user experience, and a re-engineered search engine. All of these features work together to show merchants the right app at the right time for their Shopify business.

Improved Browsing Experience

The app store has been completely revamped to make it easier for users to search and find the apps they are looking for. Categories have been changed from broad to specific in order to focus more clearly on merchants’ problems.

Clearer Listings

All the listed apps have clear details on their official app store pages. Their key benefits, contact information, customer support information, pricing, and reviews are all detailed in a transparent manner to make it easier for merchants to make a decision.

More Relevant Search Results

The search engine in the Shopify app store has been optimized to make searches more relevant than ever. With the all-new app listing format and changes in the foundational algorithm, the search engine has been tweaked to help match users with the exact apps they are looking for.   

The new and improved Shopify App Store is now live and available to every Shopify merchant out there. Visit right now to experience the whole new look and features.

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