Snapchat releases Snap Pixel for Advertisers

The month of June completes the first anniversary of Snapchat Ads manager. Since the launch of Ads manager, Snapchat has introduced new ad formats, cross-device measurement capabilities through Pixel, innovative targeting solutions, and more, to provide more value to advertisers on the platform.

Today, Snapchat introduces some exciting new changes and updates to the ads manager. These new updates are going to provide performance-focused marketers with the complete suite of tools that are required to measure and optimize their Snapchat campaigns.

The new changes and updates are as following:

Snap Pixel is now available to everyone: After testing the Snap Pixel for around eight months. It’s now finally available to all advertisers on the platform.

Return on ad spends in reporting: This is the best thing for ecommerce advertisers. They can now see the value of purchases driven by their Snap campaigns. It provides a clean way for advertisers to measure and optimize their ad spend and understand the value of customers.

According to Snapchat, these changes are going to help advertisers achieve their full-funnel goals and make it easier for them to set up campaigns on the platform.


Dilawar Hussain

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