3 SEO Hacks to Write a Killer Meta Title and Description

SEO metas effectiveness

Many eStore owners worry about optimizing their eStores for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Since it can affect the overall ranking and sentiment for a business, it is essential to get your eStore ready for Google Search. SEO is a really effective free technique to drive organic traffic to your website. However, business owners worry about how do I get it right? or, what is it that I do for better SEO?

Let’s begin answering this by adding that all Google wants from websites is relevant content and relevant pages, with relevant Meta titles, descriptions, and slugs.

3 Keyword Suggestion Hacks to Write Meta Titles & Description

Let’s quickly get to learn to create better SEO Meta titles and descriptions for search engines in this SEO section. In the search engine listings, the tough part is how & what to write. Therefore, I have 3 great hacks that you can use to discover ideal search terms, to write better Meta titles and descriptions.seo meta effectiveness















  1. Google Auto Suggestion
    Google search will autocomplete if you type any word in the bar. For instance, if I type in shoes it will offer suggestions like ‘for women’, ‘for men’, ‘for kids’ etc. Browsing through these suggestions you will find the exact keywords that people are most likely to search for.
    Depending on your audiences and products, you can use several variants with your primary keywords in the Meta Titles and descriptions. For instance, a niche athletic footwear eStore can use the term ‘Sports Shoes for Girls’, ‘skiing boots for girls’ etc.
  2. Google Related Searches
    Another clever trick to improve SEO is to scroll to the bottom of the search page. When searching for ‘shoes for girls’ scroll down to the bottom of the page in a Google search. You will see list related searches for your search term ‘shoes for girls’.
    These related searches can predict several areas of interest for eCommerce stores and provide new personas to target. It is good to use these related search terms in the Meta Description or other content on the website.
  3. Amazon Search Bar Suggestions
    You can actually take this further and perform exactly the same thing on Amazon. Search for products and the search bar will begin suggesting key terms. The great aspect of looking up these terms on Amazon is that they are 100% online shopper related, a majority of whom will already be qualified buyers.

Don’t Forget to Optimize Your Shopify Store URL

Just before we close, another important trick is to use your primary keywords in your slug. The slug is the URL that  visitors see on your eStore and share. Optimizing this URL slug is not only a best practice suggested by Google, it has a score associated when Google search ranks websites. The URL that Shopify uses looks good, but you can optimize this URL by changing the handle when you initially create the page.

End Notes

These clever tricks give us access to a wealth of information about what millions of people are searching. You can find exact phrases visitors are typing in the search bar on Amazon and Google. These phrases or keywords can then be inserted into your product titles, page titles, blog titles, home page titles and collection titles. I hope this guide provided some value to the way you search for new products and optimize your eStore for SEO.

If you ask me these are some of the most clever secret hacks SEO pros don’t want you to know. That’s all there is to it, simple yes but it does take you know a little bit of copy-writing and a little bit of effort. It has worked phenomenally well for me as far as developing organic search.

Also now that you know how to write a killer meta title and description, you’ll want to keep the good writing going across your website. You can find how to get started with writing web copy here.

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