Upsell X Review – A New Upselling App For Shopify

Shopify offers a massive selection of official upsell apps for your Shopify store. But, even with the brilliant variety of multi-function apps, new ones pop out every day that we don’t even get to see. These apps are either in beta testing or do not pass Shopify’s in house quality testing. Today we take a look at one of these unpublished apps, Upsell-X, from Shopify app developers Eri.

Finally approved for download & use on Shopify, Upsell-X is free to trial for 14 days so you can enjoy unrestricted & unlimited upsell deals to publish. After its prescribed trial period the app costs a bit costly $19/month, but, there is a pretty cool feature they offer. In case the Upsell-X app doesn’t pay its own cost for you, you can simply go to the developers to have your trial extended by 14 more days.

In our conversation with the ERI Digital development team they claimed that Upsell-X had quite an eventful Beta test stage. Some excellent stats accompany the end of beta testing:

  • On average Upsell-X offers got 31% more add to carts
  • Some offers recorded dazzling 50% add to carts
  • Over the best test, 780 additional items were added to carts
  • The highest grossing eStore testing Upsell-X recorded more than €2,000 increase attributed to the app

Creating Offers with Upsell-X

Creating offers with Upsell-X is very simple, requires no coding knowledge and take no more than a minute. A superb UI and automatic offer creation wizard make the app an extremely ideal option for eCommerce beginners.

All it requires is going to your Shopify Dashboard and then to the Apps section. From the list select the Upsell-X app and you should be in the dashboard, from here:

  1. Click the ‘Create an Upsell’ button on the top right
  2. Choose which type of upsell to create from three options:
    • Quantity based upsell, e.g. By 1 get second half price
    • Add-on product based upsell, e.g. Buy Screen Protector with phone
    • Collection based upsell (Coming Soon!), e.g. Buy T-Shirt, Sneakers & Jeans for $X amount
  3. Once type is chosen, you will be directed to the offer creation page.
  4. Begin by choosing the Trigger product and the Add-on product. When buyers add the trigger product to their cart, the Upsell-X offer for the Add-on product will automatically pop-up.
  5. Scroll down to the Product Discount section, choose how discount you want Upsell-X to offer. Remember to tick the ‘Apply Discount to this Upsell’ box.
  6. We finally come to the offer description & customization in the ‘Custom Wording’ section. You have three features to play with in this section:
    • Subtitle – custom message to appear above the product title
    • Add to Cart Button Label – Give your CTA a custom text label to make it more appealing
    • No thanks Button Label – Give your No thanks button a custom label
  7. Once finished click save and your upsell offer should be live. Remember to test the offer by processing an upsell offer in an incognito browser window. Below is a sample offer created with Upsell-X using the Quantity based upsell or commonly known as BOGO offer. When buyers will add the first dress (trigger product), this upsell message will appear offering a second dress at 50% off.

The Developers

The Eri development team, bring years of product design and development experience to the table. With successful Shopify store experiences under their own belts, Eri have an insight on both the technical and sales aspects at Shopify.

Eri also test apps in real time over two of their own Shopify stores before bringing them out for user beta tests. Upsell-X has also gone through two months of rigorous testing, contributing a 30% increase in revenue for the developers.

In an interview with the Eri team, developer Ruslan Leteyski established the reason to create Upsell-X. He commented that while brainstorming through different questions we stumbled over the question “What is the most important feature on our stores that doesn’t come along with Shopify?  – This is how Upsell X was born.”

Upsell X App Review

Upsell-X, the latest creation of Team Eri, is a Shopify app that proposes upsell offers depending on products buyers are purchasing. Upsell offers is displayed to the buyer once they reach the checkout page.

The developers establish that the app works brilliantly for BOGO offers, for instance, “Buy 3, Get 1 free” and “Buy 2nd item, Get X% Discount” offers. This in the development team’s experience are the most effective offers.

The main focus of Upsell-X developers has been ease of use and good fluid design – both front and backend. App installation requires no coding, its one click automatic install. Creating offers has been made really simple, and take no more than 30-50 seconds depending on user level. The Upsell-X app is compatible with both Shopify Checkout and PayPal Express Checkout.

The developers also claimed that due to high development costs, limited customization and features are offered for the current app version. Watch the amazing Upsell-X app at work in real time below:


Upsell-X Support

Upsell-X developers put great emphasis on support, especially due to unavailability over the Shopify app store. High priority support is provided by the developers over direct chat built into their app. With several areas of concern to manage, Shopify store owners can be relieved by the superior support of the development team.

Upsell-X users can report bugs, compatibility issues, and request feedback on their upsell offers created through the app.

Special Offers & Promotions

The app is currently in private beta (invite only) and hence free to use until otherwise informed. Beta testers will also be offers a discount or added free evaluation period after the official product launch.

See You Again Soon

I hope you enjoyed our first preview of the Upsell-X from Eri Apps. We will be rolling out new updates as soon as the app goes live. Visit us again for more updates and special promotions for Upsell-X when it comes out in the near future. You can currently try out the app here.

Until next time, see you again soon.

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