Sorting Social Review 2020- Designs and Dropship Products

If you love using Pinterest, Etsy, Facebook, or a bunch of other social media platforms for audience and behavior research then you are going to love Sorting Social.

We will cover all the different aspects of sorting social and how it helps you discover your true audience’s passions in our Sorting Social review.

The SortingSocial App lets you sort pins on Pinterest by using any specific keyword. You will search for your preferred keyword and it shows you all the pins related to that keyword and sorts them according to the number of times they’ve been repinned. This helps you understand the behavior of your potential target audience and what actually matters to them.sorting social

So, we are going to see how to use Sorting Social, what are its different features, and how it helps ecommerce entrepreneurs make the most out of social media. So, keep on reading to find more about Sorting Social.

Why Sorting Social?

Look, you can always do the whole research manually. Search for a keyword on your preferred social media platform (Pinterest, Facebook, etc) and find the top posts related to that specific keyword, but nobody wants to perform manual tasks, right? Also, you don’t get half the quality and money-making information that Sorting Social provides you.

So, instead of going the manual route, you can take the easier and much simpler way of finding very useful information with Sorting Social. If you are looking for new ideas online, Sorting Social will definitely help. If you are looking to do any of the following, you need Sorting Social:  

  • Dropshipping
  • Print on demand
  • Niche store
  • Anything ecommerce

Social proof is a proven research method. It’s huge when it comes to researching the winning niche or products. The social proof comprises of social stats like Facebook comments/likes, Pinterest repins, etc which represent how popular each product is with the target audience.

Most people wonder how Sorting Social can show you the exact repins on Pinterest since they removed the functionality to show exact number of repins. Sorting Social uses a loophole in the Pinterest API to show you the exact number of repins. This is only possible with Sorting Social.

What Platforms Does Sorting Social Support?

Sorting Social supports a bunch of social and ecommerce platforms where you can see the top content based on your keywords. Here’s how you can sort the content on their respective social media platforms supported by Sorting Social.

  • Repins (Pinterest)
  • Saves (Wanelo)
  • Favorites (Etsy)
  • Shares (Facebook)
  • Sales (Wish)

You can easily sort your keyword specific content on these platforms and find the winning products without having to do any tedious manual work.

How To Use Sorting Social?

It’s fairly simple. Sorting Social makes it very easy to use the service and even newbies can utilize the features without any difficulty.

Login to your account, choose your preferred social media or ecommerce platform and enter your desired keyword.

Sorting Social will then start working on all the results which could sometimes take some time since it fetches thousands of posts from the platform. Finally, you get all the top posts and content for your chosen keyword. You can save the ones you like, share them, and use them to your advantage. You can then sort the results by number of saves, comments, etc and use the ones that received the most engagement.

Sorting Social Pricing

Right now Sorting Social is offering a free account to everyone. You can start using the service without having to pay a single dime. However, this is a limited time offer and if you don’t avail it right away you might end up missing out on it.

It’s a great offer since Sorting Social offers great value and would be well worth the money, but getting it for free is just icing on the cake. There’s no downside to it and you can test the service to see if it’s the service for you or not.

However, the free account will limit the number of results you can search and if you want to bypass that limit then you need to upgrade your account to a premium one.


There are three different subscription plans. If you only want to use Pinterest then it will costs you $10 per month, while the Experienced plan which offers Pinterest, Wanelo, and Etsy cost $22.80 per month.

Rockstar plan offers all the platforms supported by Sorting Social and costs you $36 per month. This plan has no restrictions and you can search for as much as you like without any problems.


If you want to make the most of your digital marketing campaigns and also want to track what your targeted audience actually likes then Sorting Social is definitely worth your time and money (It’s still FREE to use though).

This platform curates and sorts everything for your chosen keywords and lets you easily access all the data without any hassles.

So, if you want to generate cooler ideas or just want to copy what other successful marketers are doing then Sorting Social can get you there.

Let us know what you think about this platform, in the comments below.

You can use the app here from the official website. Also, check out our interview about print-on-demand products with Peter Fitzer from Sorting Social here.

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