Pillow Profits Review 2020 – Make Money Online Selling Custom Sneakers

Print-on-Demand or POD services are all the rage right now. T-shirt printing services like TeeLaunch, TeeSpring, etc. are highly popular among drop shippers.

However, there’s more to POD than just selling t-shirts online. Even though the above-mentioned services offer other items for customization as well, but they still lack one essential wearable.
That is footwear. People love fancy shoes, and they want to customize these shoes to their liking with custom artwork, logos, prints, etc.
Pillow Profits is a POD service that’s mainly focused on providing numerous types of shoes available for custom printing. From stylish athletic sneakers to classic leather boots, all types of footwear are available for POD.
Other items like tote bags, pillow covers, bed sheets, etc. are also available, but Pillow Profits offers a wide selection of shoes, ready for customization.

Pillow Profits Features

Pillow Profits is a newbie-friendly POD app that lets you create great custom products for your Shopify store. Here is a list of features that this service provides:

    • Customize shoes, bedding and accessories for selling.
    • Free shipping all-over the world. Cost of shipping included in product price.
    • One-click simple integration into your Shopify store.
    • Full control over all your orders.
    • Digital Mockups for your customized products for use in your promotional content and advertising.
    • Orders placed on your Shopify store are automatically forwarded to Pillow Profits for fulfillment.
    • Pillow Profits Fulfillment takes care of everything including manufacturing, printing, packaging, and shipping of products.

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How to Install Pillow Profits on Shopify

Pillow Profits is currently only available for integration on Shopify. So, if you are looking to avail their services then you should build a Shopify store first.

Once you’ve done that here’s how you can install Pillow Profits directly on your Shopify store.

From your Shopify admin dashboard, click Apps in the left sidebar. Head over to the Shopify app store and search for Pillow Profits Fulfillment.

Click Get and Install the app on your store. You will be asked to enter your Credit card details.How to Install Pillow Profits on Shopify

Now, you will see Pillow Profits available in the Apps section of your Shopify Dashboard.

You can now start selecting products you want to customize and sell them on your store directly through the app.

How to Start Selling with Pillow Profits

It’s very simple to use Pillow Profits and the whole process to choose a products, customize it, and push it live for selling takes minutes.

From your Shopify Admin area, goto Apps and select Pillow Profits.

Now, select Add Products from the top-right corner.

Choose a product you want to sell from the list of available products.

Choose a color (if available) for your product and start customizing it. You can upload artworks, logos, etc. anything you want to customize your products.

Once you are satisfied with your design hit “Review and Publish designs” and your products will be available for selling on your store.

Here’s a simple video showcasing how you can start selling Pillow Profits products within minutes.

Pillow Profits Products

Pillow Profits offers a wide range of products that you can choose to customize and sell on your Shopify store. From beddings to car seat covers, everything is available for POD.

The main focus, however, still remains on the shoes. That’s why Print Pillows offers a large variety of shoes and footwear.

Here’s a list of Pillow Profits products that you can sell with their pricing:

  • Luggage Cover$15.99/shipping included
  • Car Seat Covers – $39.99/shipping included
  • Canvas – $71.99/shipping included
  • Athletic Sneakers – $31.99/shipping included
  • Faux Fur Boots – $41.99/shipping included
  • Leather Boots – $41.99/shipping included
  • Bedding – $55/shipping included
  • Kids Sneakers – $27/shipping included
  • Backpacks – $27/shipping included
  • Flip Flops – $11/shipping included
  • Casual Shoes – $25/shipping included
  • Sneakers – $32/shipping included
  • Low-Top Shoes – $32/shipping included
  • High-Top Shoes – $34/shipping included
  • Crew Socks – $6/shipping included
  • Slip-On Shoes – $32/shipping included
  • Saddle Bags – $24/shipping included
  • Leather Tote Bags – $25/shipping included
  • Shoulder Handbags – $22/shipping included
  • Pillow Covers – $5/shipping included
  • Cloth Totes – $6/shipping included

Pillow Profits Express-Line Products

Pillow Profits offers an Express-Line product builder that’s separate from the standard product builder. The express-line products are shipped via DHL which takes around 4-7 days to reach your customers.

Express-Line products have an additional shipping cost associated with them which makes them a bit expensive than the standard products. The shipping time is greatly reduced from 10-15 days of standard down to 4-7 days for express-line.

To learn more about these products check out official Express-Line Products page.

Pillow Profits Pricing

Pillow Profits fulfillment provides a risk-free 7 day trial that lets you test the service and see if it’s actually suitable for you.

After the 7-day trial, the service costs a flat-fee of $29.99 per month and provides all the features.

All Pillow Profits products (as mentioned above) come with shipping price included in the main price. So, you don’t have to pay extra shipping.

There are no hidden costs for any orders. You can charge your customers Shipping, if you want, but Pillow Profits doesn’t charge you for it.

Pillow Profits products also come with a suggested price that you can use, or you can set your own prices for products.

Pillow Profits Vs. GearBubble

Even though both these services are POD in nature, they are still drastically different from each other in terms of their business model.

Pillow Profits integrates into your Shopify store and you can start selling products on your own store. They charge a subscription fee of $29.99 per month for using their services.

GearBubble offers a platform where you can create custom products and sell directly on their platform.

You can also move products to your Shopify with their integration option, but you can only move 25 products to your Shopify store with the basic GearBubble account.

GearBubble is free to use and they only take a cut when you make a sale. So, you can create as many bestselling products as you want and you will only be charged when they are sold.

Pillow Profits, however, is the only service that offers shoes and premium footwear for POD out of these. GearBubble does not offer footwear products.

So, if you are looking to create a premium shoe store with your custom designs then Pillow Profits takes the advantage over GearBubble.

Wrapping it up

Pillow Profits Fulfillment is one of the best Shopify Print on Demand apps out there.  It offers an easy-to-use and simple interface that’s a breeze for newbies to use.

The vast collection of shoes and premium footwear available in their catalog are perfect for entrepreneurs looking to get into the custom shoe industry.

The monthly cost is very reasonable, and the free shipping model is perfect for people who are just getting started in the POD business.

We are looking forward to hearing from your about your favorite Shopify Print on Demands apps. Let us know in the comments below.

Dilawar Hussain

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3 Responses to Pillow Profits Review 2020 – Make Money Online Selling Custom Sneakers

  1. Michael says:

    Keep your hands of Pillow Profits Fullfillment!!!
    They are causing you much trouble and financial losses. As we are based in the EU, we have the following issues with them:

    – no legal shiping documents
    – no legit customs & duties documents
    – change of AWB without notification
    – wrong shipping adresses because of their bugs
    – support is not answering if there is trouble caused by them
    – many fake reviews in shopify app store

    All said can be proofed.

  2. Patrick says:

    Thanks for the info. After poking around the site because I’m interested in using their services; they offer unique items I haven’t seen with other POD fulfillment houses, I have some follow up questions that I can’t find answers for (which is a red flag for me!). Perhaps you can shed some further light on Pillow Profits.
    – Image editing: their tutorial shows how easy it is to drop and image onto their products but they didn’t show if you can shift the placement of art so it looks best on items. Their example shows adding art to sneakers. What if I don’t like where the art sits, do I have to redo the art to suit the shape of the sneaker or can I nudge it a little to another spot?
    – Campaigns: you can see a campaign count down in their tutorial but I cannot find one word written about campaigns on their site. Are products only available during campaigns? What is the length of campaigns and can that be adjusted? Can the campaign function be turned off? Can we have products listed indefinitely?

    • Dilawar Hussain says:

      Image Editing – When you add image, you see the Safe Zone, this is the area where your image is guaranteed to show up. So yeah, you can nudge it up a bit within the safe zone to get your preferred positioning.

      Campaigns – You can have campaigns listed for as long as you want. Your products will always be up on your site until you take them down.

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