Loox Review 2020- Best User-Generated Photo Reviews for your Store

User-generated content is the perfect content for any online business. It’s social proof, search engines love it, and it builds the trust factor for your brand.

According to Research, user-generated content has a higher engagement and involvement rate compared to standard commercial photos.

So, as an ecommerce store owner, it’s highly in your favor to source user-generated content from your customers instead of relying on commercial photos and generic feedback.

Encourage your customers to provide you with high-quality photos of the products that they bought and use them as social proof on your store to increase user engagement and build trust.

There are numerous reviews apps available for Shopify, but today, we are going to take a look at Loox.

So, let’s dive into our Loox review 2020 to learn more about the app’s inner workings, how it helps your store, and what makes it better/worse than the competition.

What is Loox?

Loox is a reviews app for Shopify that helps you gather reviews and user-generated photos from your customers.

Seeing actual people wearing your company’s apparel or accessories can help convince your visitors to purchase items, which is why Loox is an excellent app for fashion stores.  

In addition to a plain star rating for products, people who have bought from your online store can also provide photos of themselves wearing your clothing, as well as their names, height, weight, size, and fit.

This app’s usage is not only limited to fashion stores. It can be used for any type of online store where customers can provide their reviews.

It also makes it simpler for you to import reviews from any other source available on the web including AliExpress and Amazon reviews.

Is Loox Legit?

Loox is 100% legit, it is a customer trusted product. Loox reviews helps the newbie as well as professional sellers to gather photo reviews form any site to build trust and authenticity for your dropshipping store that would eventually result in an increase in sales.

Can You Edit Reviews on Loox?

To maintain the authenticity of genuine reviews, Loox does not provide the option to edit the reviews or even translate them once they are imported to the store. That’s another proof of Loox reviews legitimacy.

How to import Aliexpress reviews to Shopify

Loox makes it very easy to import reviews from multiple sources across the World Wide Web. One of the most sought after features is importing reviews, especially picture reviews.loox helps to import multiple reviews

If you want to import picture reviews from AliExpress for your dropshipping store, then Loox lets you do exactly that with just a single click.

From the Loox Dashboard, add the import to Loox button to your browser bookmark bar. Open the AliExpress page for the product and click the Import to Loox button.

All you have to do is add your store’s URL to the specific product page, and Loox will import the reviews. You can also select only import reviews with photos box to import reviews with pictures.

Loox Features

Loox provides you with a simple and straightforward way of generating more reviews and feedback, but that’s not it.

This app also brings other key features that help increase your Shopify store’s overall brand image while boosting your sales.

Here are some of the key features we checked out for our Loox review:

  • One-click Install – Click “Get” on Loox app store page and you are good to go.
  • Import reviews (Including photos) – 1-Click review import from Amazon (CSV file), AliExpress, or any other source.
  • Made to fit – Optimized for any Shopify store theme, optimized for mobile, Highly responsive.
  • Automatic email review reminders – All the review requests are sent automatically, so you just sit back and relax while reviews keep piling up.
  • Fully branded emails – All emails include your brand name, store’s logo, custom subject, and text.
  • Customization – You set the email timings, widget color, size, and the placement.
  • Review Moderation – You get full control of which reviews appear on your site.
  • Offer reviewers a discount – Offer each customer a unique discount code for adding a product picture in their reviews.
  • Review questions – Learn more about the purchased product or the customer.
  • Text reviews – Give the customers the ability to provide text reviews with an option to add any photos later.
  • Inline SEO – Show ratings and reviews in search results with rich snippet integration. Search engines love these.
  • Social sharing – Share your customer reviews on social media platforms, encourage your fans, and gain free exposure on social channels.
  • Rating widget – Simple widget to show off star-based ratings on product pages.
  • Satisfied customers page – Show all your customer feedback on a single page.
  • Upsell/Cross-sell – Integrate smart product suggestions in review requesting emails.
  • Multiple Language support – Available in 8 different languages including English, Dutch, Turkish, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, and Italian.
  • Responsive customer support – Quick and responsive customer support team to answer all your questions.

Loox Pricing

Loox offers dynamic pricing which means you don’t have to pay extra if you are only sending a limited number of review requests per month. Here’s the pricing structure for the app:

  • Basic (100 review requests/month) – $9.99 per month
  • Advanced (500 review requests/month) – $29.99 per month
  • Pro (1,500 review requests/month) – $59.99 per month
  • Enterprise (10,000 review requests/month) – $99.99 per month

If you think you still need more monthly review request emails, then Loox can also accommodate you. Just contact them and tell them your monthly numbers and they will curate a pricing plan just for you.

Loox Pricing

Loox also offers a 14-day Free trial, so you can test the app out before committing to any of the paid plans.

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Loox Review Final Words

Now that our Loox review comes to an end, we’d like to add that Loox is a perfect app for all newbie Shopify store owners.

It’s a must-have app for every Shopify store owner, but newbies should not miss it at all because it gives you a significant advantage when you are just starting out.

Even with a new store when you haven’t made a single sale, it lets you import AliExpress reviews to add some social proof to your store.

The reviews are presented in an aesthetically pleasing way to increase your brand’s image and authority.

So if you aren’t already using a reviews app on your Shopify store then it’s about time you started using one and Loox is excellent for starters.

Feel free to let us know which review generation apps you are using on your stores.

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