Instagaram Shop by Snapppt Review

We often see a product or an item that we like while scrolling through our Instagram feed. Most of the times we take a note or capture a screenshot of the product.

Afterward, we scour the internet to find those products but fail miserably. This means that we lose on the product and the online store loses a sale.

Well, if you are a store owner and run an engaging Instagram page as well, then you don’t have to lose out on these sales anymore.

You can quickly turn your Instagram photos into shoppable links to your products. So now when you post a product photo, you can make it link directly to the product page.

All you need is the Instagram shop by Snapppt app for your ecommerce store. This app turns your Instagram feed instantly shoppable, so your followers don’t have to work hard to find your products.

We dive deep into the inner working of this social app in our Snapppt review. Let’s see if this app is worth your time at all.

What is Snapppt?

Snapppt is an app that integrates your Shopify store with your Instagram page to bridge the gap between both these platforms.

It helps you utilize your Instagram photos and link them to your product pages on your store. This way your followers can quickly click the links in the pictures to shop directly from your Instagram feed.

Snapppt offers an embedding feature that lets you place your Snapppt profile into any part of your online store or website which creates a more seamless experience.

Further, Snapppt also provides detailed analytics so you can see how well your Snapppt page is performing. It takes everything from clicks to conversion.

How does Snapppt Work?

This app takes care of most of the manual work for you. All you have to do is connect it with your Instagram account, and it will automatically import all your photos from your page.

The Snapppt Shopify app allows you to link your images directly to your Shopify store with just a few clicks. This lets everyone shop your products through your photos.

You can easily embed shoppable carousels and galleries directly in your Shopify store or, you can add your personalized URL to link to your Snapppt profile page in your bio.

All your customers and orders will appear directly on your store’s dashboard.

All purchases made from your Instagram photos are tracked all the way to the checkout page so you can see your top performing pictures.

Your followers no longer need to scour the web for the products they saw on your Instagram feed since each Instagram photos sports its own separate ‘Buy’ button.

This app does not directly add links to your Instagram posts, images, or videos since Instagram doesn’t allow direct links.

It creates a separate profile for you on Snapppt where all the images you import from your Instagram are available.

You can then link all these images to their particular product pages on your Shopify store. You can also create a separate page and embed your Snapppt profile in your store.

Check this photo by TypeAlpha

Two different products are linked in a single Instagram image and each product sports a different Buy button with separate links.

Snapppt Features

This amazing app turns your Instagram photos into shoppable links. But, that’s not the only feature of this app.

It also boasts a bunch of other features that will help you increase sales on your online store. Check these features that we have included in our Snapppt review.

Embed Anywhere – Show your entire Snapppt product gallery anywhere you want. Just embed a simple code on the page where you want to show it.

Increase Conversion Rate – Improve your Instagram’s conversion rate by using the interactive widgets.

Optimized for mobile – It’s perfectly optimized for mobile users. So, people can shop on the go

Track customer engagement and sales – Tracks everything from the image click to the checkout so you know which images are your best performers.

Product wishlists – Customers can curate wishlists for themselves and bookmark product links for later.

Moderate and curate your images – Manage all your images. You can delete any images you don’t want to show in your feed with a click.

Live product Feed from your Shopify store – All images from your Instagram are shown in real-time.

Manage your Instagram shop on the go – You can easily customize your profile page and your product feed via mobile.

Seamless design – The product feed is designed in way to provide your customers with a seamless shopping experience.

Snapppt Pricing

Our Snapppt review now comes to the best part of this exciting app. Snapppt costs around $0. Yes, this social app for Shopify is available for free.

All the above-mentioned features are included in the free app and there are no premium or paid features so far.

It means there’s nothing for you to lose, you can give this free app a try to see if it works for you or not. You won’t lose any money at all.

Snapppt Review Final Words

To conclude our Snapppt review, we would like to say that this is a great social media app to have if you are using Instagram to promote your store and products.

The ability to turn your entire Instagram feed into shoppable product links is just too good to pass.

On top of all that, it’s absolutely free, so there’s nothing for you to lose at all. Just install it, connect it with your Insta account, and embed it anywhere you want.

Give your visitors and followers a chance to shop all the products they see in the photos you post without having to search for them.

What do you think of this exciting app? Do you have any other recommendations to transform your Insta feed into shoppable links?

Feel free to leave your comments below. Also check other top social media apps for Shopify.

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