Frequently Bought Together Apps to Cross-sell like A Pro

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A well planned cross-sell strategy helps encourage your customers to buy one or more complementary products that go hand-in-hand with their current purchase.

You must have already come across cross-selling on Amazon and other big retailers that add something like “Frequently bought together” or “Customers who bought this also buy that”.

Many newcomers to the ecommerce industry have questions regarding cross-selling especially related to “Frequently bought together” apps.

So, we have decided to answer similar questions in this post. When you are done with the article, you will know the basics of cross-selling, how to use frequently bought together apps, and how it helps your store grow.

There is also upsell that encourages customers to upgrade their current product and buy the more expensive version with extra features while cross-sell encourages them to buy complementary products that are often bought together.

How Does it Work?

Here’s an example of things that you might see in “Frequently Bought Together” suggestion box,

Let’s say you put an iPod in your shopping cart. You will see that the “Frequently bought together” box shows you earphones for the iPod, protective cases, chargers, etc stuff that goes together with the frequently bought together apps

This way your customers gain extra information about what else would complement their purchase which in turn would potentially increase your sales.

This is how cross-selling works and frequently bought together is a great way to sell two or more products together.

Frequently Bought Together Apps

Frequently Bought Together

The name says it all. This app is all about adding the “Frequently bought together” feature to your Shopify store without much effort. Just install it and you will have it ready within seconds.Frequently Bought Together 2

Key Features of Frequently Bought Together app

  • Simple one-click installation
  • No coding required
  • One click add-to-cart recommendations
  • Automatic bought together suggestions
  • Amazon-like “Frequently bought together” suggestions

Ease of Use

Frequently Bought Together app is very simple and straightforward. You don’t need any coding skills because it works right out the box with a simple installation.


  • $5.99 when paid yearly
  • $6.99 when paid monthly

Ultimate Upsell

Ultimate Upsell app is all about upselling and cross-selling. From the products pages to the thank you page, this app shows product recommendations that encourage your customers to buy more.Ultimate Upsell app

Key Features of Ultimate Upsell app

  • Unlimited upselling and cross-selling options
  • Unlimited upsell locations (Thank you page, Blog posts, Cart, Checkout page, etc)
  • Conversion metrics so you see how many products are actually converting.
  • Automatic upsell/cross-sell creation
  • Premium support to help you get everything up and running


  • $15 per month (Free Trial for 14 days available)


Keep your customers browsing for a far longer time while promoting different products with Recommendify. This app shows your customer related products, frequently bought together items, etc.

Increase our sales by giving your customers more options and more opportunities to buy from you.Recommendify app

Key Features of Recommendify app

  • Recommends products similar to what your customers are browsing
  • Recommends products that are frequently bought together
  • Cart page recommendation panels
  • Recommends top-sellers and best-selling products
  • Suggests recently viewed products
  • Full-dashboard for tracking all the clicks and conversions


  • Bronze – $24.95 per month (up to 500 products)
  • Silver – $49.95 per month (Up to 1999 products)
  • Gold – $79.95 per month (More than 2000 products)

Also Bought

By using state of the art algorithms and data mining techniques Also Bought app figures out which products to cross-sell and upsell to your customers.

It provides your customers with suggestions like “Customers who bought this also bought so they can buy other complimentary products as well.Also Bought

Key Features of Also Bought app

  • Automatic suggestions related to the products in the cart
  • You can manually set the products that are showed in suggestions
  • You can manually change the title of the suggestion box
  • One-click add to cart for suggested products
  • Simple integration with Shopify
  • No coding required for the set up
  • Show feedback and star ratings from Shopify Reviews
  • Show compare at prices


  • $9.99 per month (Free 28 Days trial available)


Recomify is a simple yet intuitive one-click installation, cost saving smart related-product suggestion engine which is designed specially to boost your sales.

It lets you easily add product recommendations to your Shopify store. Showing product recommendations to your customers on your product pages, checkout pages, etc can add to more conversions and leads to a much higher order value by bundling up products.Recomify app

Key Features of Recomify App

  • 1-click installation for your Shopify store
  • Product suggestions based on customer’s behavior
  • Suggestions also rely on data analysis from previous purchases
  • Real-time data statistics to track clicks and conversions
  • Recommendation box size and design full customizable
  • Product picture customization
  • Any number of suggested products on a page
  • Very intuitive and 100% mobile-friendly, fully supports touch actions and adjusts to smaller screen sizes


$19.95 per month (7 days trial available)

Benefits of Frequently Bought Together Apps

As we have already seen on Amazon, the Frequently bought section has clear benefits for both the company and the customer. Having this section available on your Shopify store will result in increased order sizes which results inoga mat and the frequently bought together shows them yoga pants or yoga mat harness strap, etc. Now they know that there are complimentary products to their yoga mat they could also buy.It also brings extra exposure to products that are often overlooked by buyers. So, you can leverage it to bring more eyeballs to your products.

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Wrapping it up

You should now know that there are countless different ways of promoting your products. Using the frequently bought together apps and product recommendations on your Shopify store will definitely help increase your sales.Whether you want to promote some product, bring more exposure to some obscure product, or just want to make your customers buy more. These tools will help you add more value to your sales.What other cross-selling tricks do you use on your Shopify store? Which apps do you prefer for incorporating these strategies? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Renda Kansel says:

    Is Frequently Bought Together a really necessary thing to have on your online store? I don’t have it on my store, do you think my sales will increase if I start using it?

    • Dilawar Hussain says:

      It’s definitely something you should use on your store. Your sales will definitely increase. You can cross-sell multiple similar products which will ultimately increase your overall sales.

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    Fresh concept! This is an amazing article. Thanks. Will definitely want to learn more. Please email more.

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