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Using urgency and scarcity on product pages is a popular way of boosting sales on Shopify stores. Studies on ‘behavioral psychology’ have already established that when presented with positive urgency, the average human mind when emotionally confronted with urgency will suspend all reasonable thought and act on impulse.

Today we review some of the more popular Shopify countdown timer apps. These superb apps are proven not only to bring in more visitors e-Stores, but also radically increase sales. Do remember this is not a ranking, I have reviewed and listed 3 of the best countdown timer Shopify apps.

Hurrify Countdown Timer Shopify App by Yousef Khalidi

One of the most popular apps on Shopify, Hurrify is a work of genius from developer Yousef Khalidi. Hurrify comes with a dazzling set of features that include:

  • A mobile friendly countdown timer, available in 2 different styles
  • Automatic timer reset when countdown ends (usually premium feature in other apps)
  • Full customization of countdown timer
  • Progress bar now available to display below timer – Scarcity timerHurrify Countdown Timer shopify apps

Hurrify offers two amazing style, which automatically resets when the clock reaches zero. New features have now been added including text for the countdown timer, which allows you to insert a promo or comfort message with the timer. You can also include a countdown timer bar on product pages with Hurrify. The countdown timer bar can be used not only as a timer, but also to include urgency & scarcity messages. Hurrify Countdown Timer shopify apps 1

In addition, the amazing progress bar now available in Hurrify allows you to create scarcity. The progress bar displays the number of units sold that decreases with the timer, or number of buyers who have bought the product that increases. I wouldn’t say its the best Shopify countdown app, but it is none the less up there with the top ones.

In latest updates, Hurrify developers have added 5 custom functions in the app to create urgency and scarcity.  These include:

  1. Custom text display only – Allows including a custom text message above the countdown timer.custom text
  2. Amount sold display – Shows buyers an imaginary number of units sold for a product as social proof, creating urgency.
  3. Items left in stock display – Shows number of unites left in stock to create urgency.hurryfy stock display
  4. Decreasing stock numbers – Display decreasing stock numbers after a prescribed time interval. For instance, 1 unit of stock decreases after every 2 minutes & 30 seconds. A superb sales countdown timer bar Shopify eStores can used during special events and sales to create urgency. Decreasing stock number
  5. Increasing scarcity number – Shows units sold, creating scarcity in the custom message. For example, 190 units sold only 10 units left. This feature is a brilliant sales countdown Timer bar Shopify sellers can use to create social evidence that a certain product is popular among visitors.

increasing scarcity

Currently, Hurrify ranks on Shopify apps as one of the platform’s most popular apps. Hurrify is listed with a superb user rating of 5 out of 5 stars. Also accompanying the excellent rating are delightful reviews of the app, customer support, and development team. You can trial Hurrify free for 7 days, after the trial the app costs a very affordable $6.99 per month.

Countdown Timer Shopify App by

Countdown Timer app is an innovation from prominent developers The development team is known for their selection of eCommerce apps including those for social media, conversions, support, payments and much more.Countdown Timer App for shopify

This app primarily designed create urgency on eCommerce stores by displaying timers practically anywhere including product pages, lading pages and home pages. The highly customizable countdown timer app lets eStore owners announce beginning & end of sales/promotions.customizable app

The app uses behavioral psychology principles, creating urgency by informing customers that a deal or promotion will expire in a prescribed time limit. In addition to the timer, eStore owners can also include the number of people who have bought a product. Vast customization also allows sellers to design, color, and resize the timer. In my opinion this is the best Shopify countdown app considering its price, features and vast customization.

customization also allows sellers to design

Meant especially for holiday and special occasions like Christmas, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, & New Year etc. Countdown timer ensures visitors are constantly clicking your Buy Buttons using several techniques:

  • Place a timer to display remaining time for the start or end of a special event or holiday
  • Build anticipation & hype for an upcoming event. E.g. Seasonal sales, Black Friday etc.
  • Display countdown timers for specific numbers.
  • Display the number of buyers for products, with fully customizable counters.
  • Customize fonts, colors, backgrounds, animations easily without development knowledge.
  • Extensive support for all languages.
  • Mobile responsive timers for a better user experience.

The great aspect of Countdown Timer is that all the above features come with the free plan. When users upgrade their subscriptions, they get added features including:

  • Automatically repeating when it expires
  • A more versatile timer that resets when a page is reloaded or cookies are refreshed (deleted). This ensures every user gets to view a unique timer.
  • Get the complete suite of 50+ apps with the business subscription plan including social media, support, popups, marketing, and sales apps.

Powered by an award winning customer support, Countdown Timer is definitely a worthy app. I would recommend considering the full Business package that offers all eCommerce tools. Its cost is peanuts compared to the value it offers with the 50+ apps included in the bundle. There are however 4 different pricing plans available for Countdown Timer, they are as follows:

  1. Free – 7 days free trial, doesn’t remove logo
  2. Premium – $3.99/month
    • Remove Logo
    • Repeat After Count
    • Reset on Page Load
    • Premium Animation Effects
    • Accept PayPal Payments
    • Display Custom Content During/After Count
  3. Pro – 59/month
    • Remove Logo
    • Repeat After Count
    • Reset on Page Load
    • Premium Animation Effects
    • Accept PayPal Payments
    • Display Custom Content During/After Count
    • Reset Timer per Visitor
    • Custom CSS & JS
  4. Business – $39.99/month
    • Remove Logo
    • Repeat After Count
    • Reset on Page Load
    • Premium Animation Effects
    • Accept PayPal Payments
    • Display Custom Content During/After Count
    • Reset Timer per Visitor
    • Custom CSS & JS

Includes choosing from all 50+ apps – Choose apps for social media, inventory, form builder, marketing, SEO, order management, and many more.POWr App packages


Countdown Timer Bar Shopify App by Hextom

Let’s be honest, not one of the best countdown timer apps in terms of features, but a truly priceless app in terms of functionality. Countdown Timer Bar by Hextom is an invaluable app for eStores that display large product photos, video reviews and elements on their web pages.

As you would have guessed from the video demo, This app creates urgency on product pages, without limits on impressions. The countdown bar can be scheduled to start with special promotions & holiday. Plus, users can use unlimited number of countdown timer bars for their e-stores, you can see the real time demo in action. shopify app Bar by Hextom

Countdown timer by Hextom comes with a brilliant set of features, which include:

  • Multiple templates
  • Place Call to Action in the countdown bar
  • Unlimited countdown bars for unlimited promotions and product pages
  • Geo-Targeting to display country based promotions to visitors
  • High Urgency timers for visitors who come from social media website Ads
  • Ability to use weekly, daily, event based, countdown, unites sold based, visitor based and many other amazing timers
  • Auto scheduling of timers to start and stop
  • Intelligent auto selection of timers to displayBar’s amazing

Countdown timer by Hextom offers other amazing features , including massive customization functions. These include:

  • Adding EMOJIS in your countdown bar
  • Position the countdown bar anywhere on a web page
  • Freedom to add bar on all pages, home page only, collections, product pages only, or any pages by indicating the URLs in the dashboard
  • Option to define pages NOT to display the countdown bar
  • Match colors, text, size, design etc. with your eStore design & theme
  • Completely responsive & optimized for mobiles, tablets, PCs and larger screens.

One absolutely peach of a rule that Hextom have is that they never place their logo in the countdown timer bar, even in the trial version. Currently, the app is very popular due to its massively user friendly interface and versatility. A rating of 5 out of 5 stars from almost 300 reviews, you can trial this app for 7 days free with full functionality. After the trial the app costs a very modest 6.99/month.

See You Again Soon

I hope you enjoyed our three best countdown timer apps, suggested by user ratings and reviews. Do keep posted and we will update the countdown adding more amazing countdown timer apps to the list. If you liked and tried out the choices above remember to join the discussion and leave a feedback for your chosen app.

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