Consistent Cart Review 2020 – Upto 30% More Sales from Lost Carts.

Losing money on abandoned carts is a heartache for any eCommerce store owner. Imagine a customer with a cart worth $1000 of groceries, and then leaves the cart without checking out, that’s a $1000 worth lost sales. The same happens to eCommerce stores when a customer adds products to their cart and then leaves the website for some reason.

Many eCommerce stores don’t have processes in place to recover the lost sales due to abandoned carts. In case buyers leave the store, their cart is emptied and business goes on as usual, bearing loses. In 2016, the Baymard Institute published a research that identified 67% cart abandonment rate from 1044 responses. To solve the abandoned carts issue we will look at my detailed Consistent Cart ReviewConsistent Cart Review

Most Novice & even store owners tend to give up once the customer has abandoned their cart, but this is probably where the real game begins. Unlike a supermarket, eCommerce stores can actively recover most of their abandoned carts. In the sections that follow we will take you through a complete Consistent Cart review, a Shopify app designed to recover abandoned carts.

In a research published by ConversionsOnDemand the research company identifies that cart abandonment is an industry wide issue. Most buyers never return after abandoning their carts with abandoning rates ranging between 65% and 80% on average. The e-book also identifies that cart abandonment causes loses of $18 billion.

Consistent Cart App

Consistent Cart is a cart recovery app published & available on Shopify for store owners to remind shoppers to continue checking out their abandoned carts. The primary function of this app is simple, it saves the buyers cart items when they are logged in. When the buyer logs in from another device, previous items are recovered and added back again to their cart.

Over 10,000 Shopify stores use the app today, plus Consistent Cart has been acknowledged more than 1100 times by users. With an average rating of 5 Stars, shop owners have rated the app 4 or 5 in the last 12 months, read the user reviews here.Consistent Cart on Shopify stores

Consistent Cart Review – Top 3 Features

Now that we know what Consistent Cart does, let’s review all the amazing features the app offers to recall carts.

Automatic Email Reminders

Cart abandonment and reminder emails are very important for an eCommerce business. Consistent Cart offers a really amazing selection of automatic email reminders to recover carts. Shop owners can customize emails and make them attractive, push offers or simply give customers discount coupons.Consistent Cart offers report in their Q2 Report 2016 that close to 75% carts were abandoned. They also identify that 44.1% of reminder emails are actually opened, recording a 28.7% CTR (click through rate), and result in 5% conversions. This App’s intuitive reminder emails inspires buyers to continue shopping using different techniques.Cart Abandonment

Overview Cart History

In addition to sending out automated emails, Consistent Cart also offers a brilliant history feature. The app displays all abandoned and completed carts in your dashboard, extracted through statistics from your Shopify store. Order & Cart histories are great variables to see the performance and allow you to make changes where necessary.running in background

The really well designed Consistent Cart dashboard displays all carts in one place placing them in relevant categories. Store owners can view carts with the following tags:

  1.
  2. Abandoned cart, and
  3. Order completed

The Consistent Cart dashboard also provides details of buyers’ geo-locations. This allows better targeting and understanding of how customers shop on your store. This also indicates what tactics are better to attract more people, and which regions you should be catering to.

Add to Cart Pop-Ups

A cheeky yet very effective trick to increase upto 30% conversions is through Consistent Cart’s add to cart popup. This very simple yet very effective pop-up message asks anonymous buyers to provide an email and add the item to their cart. Since not every user leaves their email with you, this add to cart pop-up has proved very effective.Add to Cart Popup

The dashboard of this app leads the way by providing you all the relevant statistics. These stats include the number of times the pop-up is shown, the number of emails sent and the conversion rate from the pop-up message. The idea behind this app’s add to cart pop-up is you will still have a piece of the buyer’s information to re-target them again.

In their official Consistent Cart review on Shopify, developers’ insist that you can expect between 10% to 30% increase in conversions using the popup.

Advanced Title Bar

The advanced title bar is a unique feature of Consistent Cart allowing you to display “overlooked” offers & features. The advanced title bar is very effective for buyers who wander off on social media notifications, other websites, a price match, google search or other activities.

Advanced Title Bar

Since cart abandonment is a commotion issue for most eCommerce stores, it takes a combination of techniques to recover them. You can display discounts, bundles, and special offers using the advanced title bar like in the example above.

See You Again Soon

It is an amazing abandoned cart recovery app, with proven statistics and an amazing set of features. Apart from recovering carts of buyers who have left your ecommerce store, this app offers detailed statistics, and advanced tricks to encourage buyers to complete purchases.

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