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Working as a sales assistant in the UK, I understood the importance of up-selling and cross-selling for business. For eCommerce businesses the two factors can significantly drive both customer loyalty & brand recall.

Today, we take a look at one of the newest Shopify apps that provides eCommerce stores the ability to upsell and cross sell. Boost Sales is a fairly new eCommerce app on the Shopify store. However, within a short span has received excellent response from e-store owners.

Averaging 5 stars on Shopify, Boost Sales is a brilliant add on that encourages buyers to add product bundles or higher quality substitutes to their cart. Before we jump into the Boost Sales app review itself lets quickly go over the upselling & cross selling.

Boost Sales Review App


What are Upselling & Cross-Selling?

Upselling is a technique where an eCommerce store convinces the buyer to purchase more expensive items and complementary add ons to their cart. For example, purchasing the Samsung Galaxy S7 from Amazon. When you click the checkout page a pop up opens offering you to buy a 2 year protection plan for the phone.

Boost Sales App Upselling & Cross-Selling


Cross-selling is a technique where an eCommerce store presents the buyer with varying complementary products when they are purchasing an item. For example, consider the same example of the Samsung Galaxy S7 from Amazon. Before you move on to check out the website automatically presents you with three products that are compliments for the phone.

Boost Sales Review - Customer Who Bought items in your cart

Boost Sales App Review

Boost Sales is a fairly new upselling/cross-selling app, with various other competing apps already available on Shopify. The app does however outplay the competition due to its intuitive recommendations and stable interface.

Shopify identifies the following benefits of Boost Sales:

  • Encouraging buyers to add “higher value items” or “bundles”
  • Using Game Design Technique to encourage buyers to spend a little more for additional discounts & offers, and
  • Delivering upsell offers on cart pages to encourage more sales from buyers

You may have noticed by now what Boost Sales is meant to do. Unlike many competing apps store owners have reviewed Boost Sales being more responsive and stable. As in the case of LimeSpot which fails to update changes and deliver offers to all buyers.

Boost Sales was primarily made up of only Upsell & Cross-sell features, but now offers two new features including Sales Motivator and Last Step Upsell. Let’s overview how these features benefit your store and accumulate more sales.


A common technique used by conventional brick’n’mortar businesses. Upselling is now a famous tool to get your buyers to buy more or higher value items. A great example is when you buy a Samsung Phone online. Once you have added the phone to your cart a window pops open to show you better options.

The Upsell feature is designed to display better options  convincing customers to replace the items they have added. Although it may not work every time, when looking at a better product the customer may change their mind and take the offer. Boost Sales is capable to automatically pick appropriate products and recommend them at the ideal time to your existing buyers.


Boost Sales is also enriched with the ability to cross sell complementary products with their cart selections. The app bundles products together creating appealing offers that shoppers will love.

The app triggers cross selling when buyers are browsing through one of the products listed in a combo deal. A message pops up in the corner of their screen to catch their attention and displays the entire bundle. This significantly increases the chances of the customer taking the value based deal.

Similarly, the Boost Sales app can also offer alluring discounts, coupons, codes & vouchers to promote deals. This move has proven to increase sales from existing customers, allowing them to save while you profit from the larger cart size.

Sales Motivator

The basic idea behind ‘sales motivator’ is to use a terribly intelligent trick called game design technique to convince shoppers to make even more sales from your online store.  Although game design technique has differing strategies you can explore several to deploy on your ecommerce store.

Some of the common techniques include smart coupon pop-ups that encourage buyers to add more products to cart to make use of the offer presented by the game design technique feature. This also improves user engagement while motivating to spend more depending on their likes. It also triggers a brand recall and come back effect among customers while there is a massive chance they will refer your store to friends & family.

Last Step Upsell

Last Step Upsell is a last gasp feature on the cart page to give your buyers relevant product suggestions to increase their cart value. The feature primarily triggers when a customer clicks the check-out button, popping up a box suggesting more items for them to buy. Last Step Upsell uses previous buying behavior and cart histories to display relevant products that the customer will purchase.

More Benefits of Boost Sales

During my Boost Sales review, I noticed decent benefits that drive sales and offer added value to eCommerce businesses. While the 4 core features discussed above are its primary tactics, there are secondary aspects that are very useful too. Store owners can drive more sales, increase cart value and display enticing offers to customers.

  • Offers an interface similar to branded businesses by creating excellent value deals, attaching discounts to your personalized offers
  • User friendly and very easy to use – requires no specialist coding skills and allows creating offers to upsell & cross-sell in minutes
  • Eases the process by importing products through csv files, allowing you to create time limited or endless offers in minutes.
  • Saves time and maximizes app efficiency through automated elements
  • Compatible with both desktop and mobile devices to allow traffic from more sources
  • ­A superb selection of holiday themes to give stores a more attractive look, driving sales during special events.
  • Provides detailed reporting of created offers and special events

What are Seller Reviews of Boost Sales App

Boost Sales is an excellent choice to increase order value and sell multiple products in one cart. Some brilliant reviews accompany the app:

What are Seller Reviews of Boost Sales App

One of Boost Sales beneficial aspects is the app provider’s customer support, visible in most positive comments.

Boost Sales most acclaimed aspects

Although the app has been updated there remain some issues that you should know about before investing the $30/month. Some of these concerns have been addressed in user reviews too. In addition, app users have identified that the app charges 5% fee for sales made through its features.

Boost Sales carries commision

There were several complaints on the official app page on Shopify, this one however did concern me. I have not experienced any such issues till yet:

boost sales official app page on Shopify

I hope you enjoyed my first Boost Sales app review, stay tuned and visit us again for more eCommerce app & plugin reviews. Remember to share this Boost Sales app review using the social buttons above. For more learning resources bookmark us to get eCommerce tips, hacks, reviews and strategies.

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