Chapter 3 – How to Find Bestselling Dropshipping Product

Find the bestselling product for dropshipping in 4 Steps

The success of dropshipping business is highly dependent on finding a profitable and bestselling product to sell.

There are multiple ways, paid and unpaid, to find out the best-selling products to sell online.

However, I will tell you a simplest and free way to find out the bestselling product of your niche in 4 steps.

Step –1 Find product on Amazon Best Seller

Go to Amazon bestseller you will find the list of bestselling product on Amazon in every category.



This list is updated on an hourly basis.

Amazon is the biggest ecommerce marketplace and the product that is selling well here has higher chances of becoming the bestseller product of your store.

For example, my niche is baby care product, so I go to find the bestselling item of the baby product on Amazon.


I found out this carrot shaped baby teether ii the bestselling item list.

Step – 2 Find the Product on Aliexpress

After that, I went to Aliexpress to find the same item see if I can sell it in profitable rates.



Here I found my product in cheap price on Aliexpress. It means I can have a decent profit margin on this item.

Step – 3 Search the Term on Google Trend

Now I want to know this product’s worldwide trend to know how much people are searching for this product.


The worldwide trend is showing an upward trend for the baby teether that means it is the trending product right now.

I scrolled down to see the region where this product is the hottest right.


So I figured that I should target Singapore, Philippines, Australia, and Malaysia to sell this product.

Step – 4 Check the search volume on Google

As I have taught you earlier how to use keyword everywhere to know the search volume of any keyword.

Now, just write this keyword on Google and turn on the keyword everywhere extension to know the search volume.

In Chapter 10, I have mentioned how to use keyword everywhere tool.



The search volume for this keyword is 3900 that is very impressive.

This simple research suggested me that I should be selling ‘baby teether’ in my store and it could bestseller product of my dropshipping store.

I hope now you understand how to find the bestselling product.

To learn more tricks of finding the bestselling product do check out this post, ‘15 Killer Hacks to Find Bestselling Products.’

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