7 Useful Social Media Marketing Tips to Grow Your Business in 2021

Social media platform plays a pivotal role to define the success of any business. From audience engagment, brand awareness to generating sales, every major business objective relies on social media marketing.

Either you want to expand your existing audience or create a new target audience, social media marketing is essential in every case.

Since it contains so much potential, I decided to provide some useful social media marketing tips that could help you to grow your business exponentially in 2021.

So, without further ado, check these 7 incredible social media marketing tips to achieve your business goals.

1- Identify Your Platform and Focus on It

Identifying of platforms is the part understanding the audience and business nature. It would be best to find out which platform will work best for your business, where you can the most relevant audience to sell your product and services.

To find out the best platform for your business, you must have clear objectives of your business.

Ask yourself this question: How do you want to interact with your audience?

Do you want to teach them, sell your product or services, engage the audience to gain followers, etc.? You must know exactly the objective of your business and what kind of audience will attract that business.

Once you identify the platform where your audience are supposed to be, you need to prepare a strategy and stick to it and stay active with your content.

According to Jeff Korhan, the author of Built-in Social, small businesses need to focus on the social media platform where the ideal customers reside.

Big brands need to focus on multiple platforms; however, a small business with limited resources must stick to one platform with complete focus.

2- Create a High-Converting Instagram Profile

Instagram is not only the leading photo-sharing social media platform. It is also the top social media platform to send referral traffic to external landing pages.

Source: Statista

So, you cannot ignore the fact that Instagram contains the utmost significance when it comes to running online businesses. Instagram Marketing expert David Talas encourage creating a high converting Instagram profile to create a and on Instagram.

Everything in the Instagram profile, including user name, bio, headshot, and call to action, defines the brands. It is really crucial to turn your profile visitor into followers, and the majority of the time, that conversion relies on the first look on the Instagram bio.

The bio/intro of the business should define the solution to a certain problem.

Such as: I help [name] to [solve problem] = promise.

Also, you can show some credibility by adding some significant awards or publications your business has been mentioned. And lastly, add call-to-action that should be your ultimate social media marketing objective. If you have an ecommerce business, then you can add mention “shop now” with the link of your store.

3- Keep an Eye on Competitors

” A wise man can learn more from his enemies than a fool from his friends” this line from the Rush movie is my favorite and become more relatable when preparing a social media marketing strategy.

If you are beginners in the tough niche and have no idea how to engage with the audience on the social media platforms, your competitors can teach you alot then anybody else.

Obviously, you can replicate thier story content posting strategy or understand the tune of content that your target audience prefers. But, most importantly, you need to know what advertisement your competitors are publishing. If you are in an online selling business, then you can get fantastic product ideas to sell online.

Facebook Ad Library allows you to research any competitors page and look into thier current advertisement.

Let’s say, I am new in a “Pet Dog” niche and have not idea what product to advertise on social media.

So, I just went to Facebook Ad Library and placed the page of one of my competitors to see what product have they been advertising.

I can look into every active advertisement on this page. If your competitor is running an ad for some product, that means the product is selling well online, and you can easily replicate thier strategy.

4- Keep Consistency 

Consistent content posting on social media platforms is the proven formula to gain boost engagement. You just need to focus on valuable and exciting content for your audience to keep them engaged.

Many newbie social media marketers make this mistake of inconsistency in content posting. They gather a good chunk of the audience via post boosting, but soon, their reach starts to fade away as they cannot find consistent and relevant content.

You can use any social media management tool to schedule the posts but try to engage your audience with diverse content, so they do not get bored with the same type of content.

5- Post User-Generated Content

User-generated content is getting alot of traction form marketers and for all the right reasons. User-generated content ads receive 400% more clicks with half cost-per-click than an average ad.

Also, UGC receives 28% more engagement than a simple post by brand or business. 50% of consumers find UGC more worth remembering than business’s post.

It is no hidden fact that word of mouth is the best form of marketing and user-generated content is the same as a recommendation. Online businesses and renowned brands are already leveraging UGC in thier social media posts.

photo shop Instagram user generated content

Source: Photoshop

Adobe Photo Instagram page is filled with user-generated content and getting exceptional engagement on each post.

Ask your satisfied customers to send snaps or recorded messages discussing your product and use them in your social media marketing strategy and witness the boost in your business.

6- Create a Community 

The old school marketing formula: first create an audience, then introduce the product. This method is an absolute gem when it comes to online selling business.

I always emphasis on creating a community before the product offering.

The niche-specific community has several benefits.

First, you get to know your audience and understand what type of content fits well with your target audience so you can go on the same lines while creating a social media advertisement.

Second, having a niche-specific community allows you to perform social media marketing in a significantly lower CPC. Facebook charges the lowest price when you advertise on your page audience.

Lastly, you get the time to build trust with the audience. When you keep the audience engage without pitching them any product or services, they build a friendly relationship with you, and when the bond is more robust, they will not hesitate to buy anything from you.

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7- Perform Laser Targeting

The most conventional newbie mistake in social media marketing is broad targeting. Wrong targeting is one of the major social media campaign failures.

I have in the community of aspiring entrepreneurs for almost 2 years, and the most frequent query I came across is regarding about trouble of getting a niche audience via Facebook advertisement. A new ecommerce entrepreneur will run a single ad campaign and give up after getting unsatisfactory results.

The most prominent social media marketing tip I can give here is to perform laser targeting to generate sales from the first ad campaign.

What is Laser Targeting?

To find the core audience and the most passionate buyer for your product.

How to Perform Laser Targeting?

Simple, use Facebook Audience Insights tool.

Audience insights is the most underrated tool of Facebook. To use it, you need to have access to the Facebook business manager and go to facebook.com/ads/audience-insights.

You just need to enter the niche in the interest section and get the full-fledge report of your passionate buyer.

facebook audience insights

To understand how to use Facebook Audience Insights to generate sales in just 60 minutes, check this detailed guide –11 Facebook Audience Insights Hacks to Find Your Passionate Buyers.

Wrapping Up:

I hope these social media marketing tips are new to you and add value to your social media strategy. Make sure to apply these methods in your next campaing, and you will surely see some impact in your online business presence.

If you want to discuss some doubts, then do mention them in the comments below, and feel free to join our 5500+ members community of ecommerce entrepreneurs for some healthy discussion.




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