Shoppers Psychology – An Informative Insight

For many of you who do not know, marketing is so much more than selling a brand and its products. It is a science, and many marketers have devoted time to the study of this science.  More accurately, the study of the way the human mind operates.

Most of the times, we find ourselves spending and even buying much more than bargained for. Well, this is because these store owners have deliberately put in place lots of things we often overlook, just to build an atmosphere that appeals to shoppers’ psyche.

It may surprise you to know that colors, signage, music, smell and so much more, are all of the things a store owner takes into consideration and uses for his store.

So, next time you go into a store, take note of the floral scent which makes you feel welcome, that particular genre of music you love so much, the bright pink color of the beauty products that arrest your attention, and the ‘guaranteed’ sign that makes you want to stay longer and shop more. Trust me, none of these is coincidental.

However, good knowledge about the kind of shopper you are will go a considerably long way toward making your shopping more effective.

Shoppers Psychology Infographic:

First off, we have the conscious shoppers who go for quality over quantity, as well as economical products. This group of shoppers also bring their bags with them, along with a budget and shopping list that keeps them on track.

This kind of shopper is more often affected by a more direct and “honest” approach to marketing. For example, offering them a Groupon discount for a product that they’re already interested in but aren’t sure if they need will probably get them to make a purchase.

Then there are the unconscious shoppers. These shop with family and friends, with no consideration of time and more often than not with emotions running high.

Naturally, they end up staying longer and buying more. We could call them the impulsive buyers. Most of the times, they shop on impulse, not need.

There are bargain shoppers who resemble the conscious shoppers. They try to get the best prices possible, and always know where to get the lowest prices in town. They are so mindful of the cost that they make use of coupons, discount books, online codes, and store sales, just to reduce expenses. The negotiators are not much different from this group of shoppers, as they too seek the best prices possible.

The researchers, as the name implies, carry out researches before purchasing. Then, there is the man on a mission who is driven by his need and seeks out the products that give him utmost satisfaction.

Finally, we have the loyalists and brand lovers that stay loyal and faithful to the brands they love. They basically buy 70% of products from the brands they like, regardless of a number of factors.

There are also various factors that affect the decision making of online shoppers. Not everyone looks at the same factors when they are making a purchase whether online or offline.

The biggest factor that affects the purchasing decision of online shoppers is “Price” itself, afterward, the factors include, but not limited to Shipping costs/time, trustworthy reviews, variety in stock, discounts, and more.

Then there are also things like colors, smells/aromas/, music, and even signs that affect people’s perception of specific brands.

For example, Apple sets their laptops open at precisely 70 degrees which makes people more likely to interact with them. Similarly, Victoria’s Secret uses soothing music which facilitates conversation between sales reps and customers.

So there you have it. We hope, by now, that you already know what kind of shopper you are, and are already evaluating your shopping habits, based on that information.

Bets are, the kind of shopper you want to be is the negotiator, the man on a mission, and naturally, the conscious shopper. The good news is that you can be all of those.

Indeed, we are confident that our advice and the infographic below will help in making your shopping more efficient and effective.


Josh Wardini

Josh Wardini, Editorial Contributor and Community Manager at Webmastersjury. With a preliminary background in communication and expertise in community development, Josh works day-to-day to reshape the human resource management of digitally based companies. When his focus trails outside of community engagement, Josh enjoys the indulgences of writing amidst the nature conversations of Portland, Oregon.

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