8 Amazing Tips to Write Product Description with Examples

Every seller’s dream is to get the customer’s click on the ‘add to cart’ button, and product description is the ultimate cause that persuades the buyer to take this action.

Persuading someone is not that easy, and when it comes to selling and earning money, the seller has to focus on some following main points:

  • Target audience
  • Most wanted products
  • Product availability
  • A relevant marketplace to display product
  • And finally, write a persuasive enough product description.

Your product description has the power to make or break your online business. Writing a story of your product that is enticing enough to compel the buyer in purchasing your product is a million-dollar skill that you need to learn.

There are some certain ways in which you can write an exceptional product description for every product.

Five W’s and on H Method:

“Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How.”

The journalists might be familiar with this strategic phenomenon in report writing, but do you know? The same strategy goes well in product description writing brilliantly.

  • Who is this product for? Means your target audience such as Men, Women, Children, Oldies. Specific demographics such as artists, home décor enthusiasts, or travel enthusiasts, etc.
  • What are the details? Includes color, size, material, dimension, and features.
  • Where can the product be used? Places such as indoor, outdoor use, kitchen, car, etc.
  • When does one need this product? It includes a particular time or a specific occasion.
  • How does your product function? Particularly mention with electronic items or items that need special care to handle.

Here I am mentioning 8 tips that will help to write a masterpiece product description for your online store.

1- Highlight the Product Benefits

To ignite your customer’s interest, you need to convert the features of your products into benefits. You can do it by highlighting some striking features of your product and use them as benefits. Think about the unique features that make your products different from your competitors and list all the essential benefits alongside its features.

Don’t confuse your buyers.

Most of the time, customers get confused with multiple unified features of the products on various websites. So make sure to list in the several benefits by the side.

For Example, this simple exercise machine has a detailed description. The customer not only focuses on features, but the benefits automatically come forth with it.

“Keep track of your workout intensity by monitoring your heart rate with the pulse sensor.

Achieve safety and stability when you use the anti-slip handlebars and footpads. Monitor your workout progress on the digital monitor that displays your time, speed, distance, calories, and pulse. The compact design makes this elliptical bike a must-have for people who have limited space but still want a great at-home workout solution.”


Similarly, this Adidas Bag pack has magnificently combined the benefits with features.

“The cargo pants of backpacks. When you need a bag that has a pocket for every single one of your essentials, reach for this Adidas backpack. It’s designed so that other bags can attach: mix and match to get just the right amount of storage.”


Follow the cause and effect theory. Mention the features of the product (cause) and then show the benefits (effect) of those features.

2- Use Simple language; Avoid using ‘Excellent Quality.’

It is human psychology that we attract in easy and understandable ways. Most of the customers want the desired product on an immediate basis though they can’t spend much time reading the product description with many fancy vocabularies.

So try to keep it simple. Customers don’t want to check your grammar skills. Avoid mistakes but also avoid such words that are unable to comprehend.

Similarly, tone matters a lot. You are not there recoding your voice; your words translate the nature of your tone. Again don’t write “Excellent Product Quality’ or ‘Awesome quality ever,’ such phrases are quite accustomed now, and buyers will never find any attraction in your product.

For Example, this classic fit straight jeans from Levis has an ideal description of the jeans. The language is easy to understand; there is no extra amount of words used to describe the product’s durability and quality. Levis keeps it all simple. The bullet points show the impression of quality rather than listing down abruptly.

Similarly, the Philips Airfryer has a decent enough product description.

3- Good Images of Products

The biggest attraction in product description is the ‘best quality’ picture of your product. Every online shopper focuses on the image first and then go for the description reading. The product’s photo is an essential aspect as it shows the buyer all the relevant features accurately.

For Example, Braun uses a high-quality image in such a perfect manner that the buyer must compel to read the description.

‘From single-serve to multi-serve and everything in between’ – the image justify with the product description.

Similarly, Nikon used a high-quality image with moderating features, which makes it easier for the buyer to make a rapid decision. The best picture will surely persuade the customer to click on ‘buy now.’

4- Scannable Product Description

After a presentable picture, a proper scannable description is a cherry on the cake. Most of the customers prefer to read a brief and comprehensive description that not just only saves the help the customer to comprehend but also saves the writer’s time too.

For Example, This bullet point product description of Innocent Juice is simply outstanding. It is written in such a comprehensive manner that everyone who views finally ended up in quenching the thirst.


Similarly, Johnson’s baby product includes relevant benefits and ingredients in bullet points for a more accessible review for the customers.

Clear and scannable bullet points are a blessing for the customers. Here are some more areas to focus on while you are writing a product description in bullet points:

  • Easy to read bullet points
  • Tempt your buyers or visitors with catchy headlines
  • Font size must be readable easily at once
  • Use enough space as shown in the examples above

5- Use Sensory Words

Sensory words work like magic.  As the name indicates, these are descriptive words that elaborate the senses, such as words related to sight, where we use dazzling, gigantic, etc. Terms related to touch where we use fluffy, soft, etc.

These sensory words boost the attraction of product description as a buyer just only read but actually feels the product.

For Example, Perfume.com mention in one of their best selling product about the scent as,

Splash on a bit of refreshment with Davidoff Cool Water for men. Launched in 1988 by the design house of Davidoff, this top-selling fragrance sports crisp, green notes of seawater, mint, lavender, and coriander for a perfectly balanced scent you can wear anywhere’.

The description is not only well composed but also persuasive for the buyer to feel the scent and smells its droplets in a real.

6- Make Them Smart Buyers

The primary purpose of your product description should not only sell the products by hooks or by crooks. It must focus on making the buyers think smarter. A well-composed and detailed description can do this easily.

Some buyers tend to choose a more authentic way to search for their desired product due to this; they read a lot. They actually read a detailed description point to point to compare it from other websites.

Be Smart Enough

If you want to make your buyers think smarter, so you should be smart enough to do it as required. The information you add in your product description truly depends on the product and company. It also depends on your position in the market. If you are a well-reputed name and brand, then most of the buyers already know you so, that you include less information.

If you are a newbie in the competitive industry, then you need to include as much information as possible to make your customers feel satisfied in their purchase.

For Example, this customized leather wallet is on the best – selling item on Etsy.

Just look at its product description—a very detailed explanation to satisfy the buyers completely.

Either you are a regular shopper on Etsy or a first-timer, to buy a customized leather wallet for your loved one. You most probably go for this bestselling item, which does not only give you the information of material which it is made of but also mention about how to keep it long with proper care method.

This sort of detailed product description explains everything in such a manner that customer binds with sheer satisfaction from the brand.  Here the writer has adequately educated the buyer and mentioned even the slightest of all. That is one of the main reasons this product falls under the category of best selling items.

7- Story Telling in Product Description

Persuading product description not only tells about the product but also mentions the facts why the customer should buy it?

The storytelling method is considered as the best one to compel the buyers to hit that ‘Add to cart’ option. For this purpose, firstly, you need to think about your target customer in detail to associate a story.

The story must address the target buyers in such a way that it seems like you are talking face to face with them. Secondly, you need to set a scene. For instance, if you are selling a crockery set, then simply mention ‘Premium quality glass dinnerware for sale’ –sounds overly used.

You better set a scene like ‘Your collection of crockery reflects your sophistication. How about surprising your guest with this new dinnerware set.

Do you really want to serve your delicious dinner in the same old plates as you did previously? Invite your guest now!!

Each piece is the Example of perfection, which will leave your guest amazed, and you will receive an immense admiration’. This product description will make the customer imagine the situation in mind. Your story must make the buyers think emotionally.

For Example, this bag pack from Zazzle shows a product description in such a way that it feels to be a must-have item for travel enthusiasts or travel vloggers to keep their essential accessories in it.


Here is the product description:

Instead of telling it simply, ‘Get our stylish Drawstring backpack.’ The writer starts with ‘Ready, pack, go’! Which clearly communicates with the travelers for their daily traveling must-have items. The buyer, at a glance, imagines of backpacking and ready to leave.

8- Show But Don’t Tell

Text is majorly used to write the product description. Being too much wordy is sometimes doesn’t leave a good impact. It would be best if you simplified it by using specific images. Sometimes images are better understood by the customer. If you find it convenient, then you must give a visual explanation in your product description.

For Example, this description of Solo Stove is well composed, and a visual explanation makes it much easier for the buyers to get the whole idea of the product.

Just look at its visual product description. Rather than using several words, Solo Stove makes it more precise with the use of images.

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Wrapping up:

The product description writing is not only limited to these mentioned steps. It has a lot more creativity, and uniqueness depends upon your creative level of writing.

Never afraid to be unique. You must know your audience and product. Include your knowledge about your product, even the tiniest of detail must be included. Try not to drag your description on the level of boredom.

Your storytelling way, language, and tone must be trustworthy and eye-catching. Hopefully, you will gain enormous traffic from buyers on your website.


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