8 Places to Sell Art Online to Make Money

Online studies. That’s fine.

Sellin groceries online. That’s cliche.

Online movies. That’s life.

Selling art online? Sounds a kind of unfamiliar but in this wave of a pandemic where everything is now deliberately available online then why do artists suffer?

When they don’t find a way to display their art in exhibitions and gather the art lovers around to sell their passion drawn on canvas, then the only thing that saves them from being ‘starving artist’ is Online Art Selling and making money out of it. In today’s vibrant world your talent can gain you a lucrative amount of money and fame.

We are providing you a comprehensive guide to understand how to sell art online and make money from your creations.

8 Places to Sell Art Online to Make Money

In yesteryears, artists only had the canvas where he restricted to paint only within a limited capacity. Gradually people showed more interest in handicrafts materials such as wooden crafts, jewelry, clay pots, showpieces, wall hangings, and much more. As the world begins to modernized the desire of purchasing art is modernized too.

1- Selling Art on Instagram

sell art on instagram

Instagram is one of the best art selling platform for artists these days. In one of the articles from 2017 Forbes,it was reported that a 26 years old artist named Shane Miller makes 40% of his sales through Instagram by selling paintings. The great number of selling depends on the great number of followers. To widespread your artwork you need to follow the basics such as:

  • Engaged followers
  • Always post a high-quality image
  • Clean background and natural light for photographs
  • Represent yourself and your art with a certain style, hashtag, filter or language, etc.
  • Try to post on a daily basis so, that it will show your passionate activities
  • An attractive bio is a must where followers click to find out your Art items
  • Attractive caption will be cheery on the cake
  • Redirect the interested ones to your sales page

For example, This artist shows his skills on his Instagram profile where he has given a link to his sales page

Another artist Ashley Longshore said in an interview with Vogue, “I can post a painting and it will sell before the paint is dry”. Her canvases bought straight from her Instagram feed of worth $30,000.

Following is the list of some most famous artist on Instagram, you can go profile by profile to observe the displays, captions and technique of postings in a unique way which gathers millions of followers at once.

2- Etsy

Etsy is well known for its kind of full-time Art website. From delicate wall hangings to sophisticated preserved antiques, Etsy has a treasure of Arts. Several artists are making a lavish living just because of the outstanding sell on Etsy. Etsy charges a listing fee for the items to be sell and welcomes all the artists with intensive competitions on its website because Etsy is a house of all kinds of Art.

Following is a list of some best-selling art on Etsy which will definitely help you create your own trend as an artist.

  • Printed Face Mask
  • Printable Wall Art
  • Floral Bouquet Artwork
  • WONDERFUL (letters printed) Art
  • Digital Cyanotype Botanical Plant Art
  • Custom Paint
  • Britannic Model
  • Book Art and Wall Art
  • Posters
  • Charcoal Art

3- Art Fire

Art Fire is a premier handmade crafts market place which is a  kind of inexpensive and affordable site for your creations, the listing price of selling products starts from $4.95 per month on the standard shop.

art fire prices

Artfire is a home of artisan goods of all kinds such as jewelry, handcrafts, vintage clothing and supplies. It is a community made by thousands of artists offering unique handcrafted items. The sellers even have the option to customized their shops including editing features, bio, options for creating sale, and remote checkout widget which can be inserted directly in to seller’s own website or blog

Following are some of the bestselling handmade crafts on Art Fire:

  • Handmade jewelries
  • Hangings with Gnomes
  • Leather bags
  • Art Supplies
  • Sculptures

4- Art Pal

art pal

Artpal is designed specifically for selling artwork online where 165,000 artists feature exquisite paintings, photography, sculptures, jewelry, craft, fine art and much more original crafted artwork. If you are enough passionate about making breathtaking paintings and crafts, then Artpal is the best place to showcase your artistic talent and make a huge amount of money.

art pal painting

Artpal is a home for every kind of artist. The most attractive part of new sellers is free of cost listings of artworks. Artpal has a wide range of categories. For example, the section of Painting and Prints is further classified into numerous categories like; Abstract, Animal, Astronomy, Building and Architecture, Children’s’ Art, Entertainment, Ethnic and Culture, People and Figure, Religion and so much interesting categories are available for all kinds of Artist. Each and every option is further elaborated into numbers of different categories.

5- Storenvy

If you are enthusiastic enough in making your own brand in Artwork then Storenvy is the best place to start. Initially, you can set up your Artwork on Storenvy for free, there are absolutely no monthly fees or listing fees for products but later on, you have to share a commission about 15% on sale with shipping charges and the remaining 85% goes directly to you.  Storenvy is not only a great opportunity for you but it also connects you with likeminded people either you are an artist or a customer. Storenvy is just simple to set up and use.


Following is the list of some trending items which might be helpful for you if you are planning to showcase your Artwork on Storenvy:

  • Modern Abstract Painting
  • Sculptures / Miniature Sculpture
  • Blueberry Highland Tri Cow prints and stickers
  • Traditional full body sketch
  • Designer Toys

6- Zibbet


Zibbet helps the creative entrepreneur to sell more amazing Art products. It is the best-known marketplace for the artist who excels in selling handmade paintings, fine arts, and vintage collections but Vintage collections must be twenty or more old. The pricing is highly affordable. You can sell your Art products on the Zibbet marketplace whereas it also provides an option of sales channels such as Sell on Etsy, Facebook Shop, Instagram, Zibbet Market place, AC Moore Marketplace, and stitch.

If you are planning to start your Artwork selling from Zibbet, so there are several artwork for you to sell on Zibbet:

  1. Wall Art
  2. Photography Prints
  3. Art Prints
  4. Paintings
  5. Crafts and Art supplies

7- Big Cartel

big cartel

Big Cartel is a cloud-based e-commerce store made for the artist, designer, and small brands marketplace. Launched in 2005 Big Cartel has helped Artists from all around the world to sell over $2.5 billion of work. Big Cartel offers Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Titanium features so every artist can avail the facility according to the provided pricing. The most beneficial aspect of selling through Big Cartel is that you just need to pay the monthly fee, they don’t charge any commission on your sold items.

According to Andy Newman (Marketing at Big Cartel) , “All of us at Big Cartel feel a responsibility to do everything we can to help artists and creatives thrive in these times. Music, writing, and all forms of art will help us learn, grow, and connect with each other on a deeper level

There are several best form of Arts you can easily sell on Big Cartel if you are Art enthusiast:

  • Paintings
  • Hand Made Ceramics
  • Planters and Vases
  • Prints and posters

8- Facebook

Though Facebook is a social networking place it is not for direct sell but you can make a great deal of money on Facebook once your Art product reaches the target audience through Facebook advertisement which is quite costly. If you find out enough customers in the form of followers, then it will be great for your Facebook Art shop. Promoting Art is not easy, thus ‘patience is a virtue’ and with constant hardworking, you will definitely mark your footprints in selling your Artwork through Facebook.

There are several points to be observed before you go for selling on Facebook:

  • Post galleries of your Artwork images, so that it will attract a number of audience with different choices in Art
  • Caption your image with a suitable title, pricing range, year, weight, shipment and delivery time and material so that potential buyers can easily comprehend your offer.
  • You need to ask your established clients or followers to share your posts or galleries on a wider scale to gather maximum people for purchasing your product
  • You can offer free shipping and promoting your creation on regular basis is a must to do.

Following are some examples for you from the best known artist on Facebook, you can view their profiles and pages to see the techniques they have applied:

  1. Alexis Diaz

  1. Faith47


  1. Agostino Lacurci

  1. Franco Fasoli -JAZ

Points to Ponder:

Before you decide to sell your Art online you must go through certain plans so, that you will earn a well-deserving amount on your Artwork. The online market is accessible to everyone who has an internet connection but gathering relevant interested buyers for your Art product is a time taken procedure.

  • Marketing of your Artwork:

One of the great artists Emma Cownie sold over 200 paintings online last year. According to her, at least 50% of her day is spent on marketing. The more time you spent on marketing, the more dedicated and loyal followers you will gather.

“You will spend hours at the keyboard, posting away (sometimes wondering if it’s worthwhile) but you will develop a following. Some of it casual, some of it very loyal and dedicated indeed. You need to remember that it may take months or even years of following an artist’s work and career before a collector buys your work.” By landscape artist Emma Cownie

  • Join Artists’ Community:

If you want your work to spread on a wider scale either create such group or join a group where you can find a variation in different artists’ work. There is an Art group Daily Painters which is a perfect example for you.


  • Be Passionate:

Remember ‘slow and steady wins the race’ the more steadily you stick to your work, the great chances of success come towards you. Most of the new artist get disappointed in a week or month when nothing seems to work for them. Keep on working at least six to eight month.

It is also being noticed that most of the artists when assigned for a commissioned work, they lack interest in it. According to the guidelines from  Lee Hammond “Queen of Drawing,”

Be sure to continue to do inspirational artwork for yourself. You won’t have the same enthusiasm for a commissioned piece as you will for something highly personal and exciting. You must keep a balance between work and fun, or you will burn out”.

Wrapping Up:

By the time creative commerce has modified a lot. Back then eBay was the only marketplace considered as viable for selling of creative products and now today with the advent of new talent new online marketplaces came along. Making money from an online platform is a piece of cake but for Artists selling art is not that easy as Art is not everyone’s cup of tea.

The online art selling gains much more benefits to the artist such as:

  • online selling is less expensive than in a gallery.
  • In the pandemic days, Art lovers find out the way to purchase their favorite painting or a handicraft from an online store.
  • Artists can make their own blog and easily find a spot in any online market to sell their Artwork, so they can exhibit every single piece they have made.

It doesn’t matter if you do painting, enhanced jewelry, professional in digital prints, masters the skills in photography, makes realistic sculptures, or any kind of Art professional, there is always an admirer in a form of a buyer exists for you. All you need to go to the relevant marketplace to reach your desired audience. Choose wisely and be rich!




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