8 Best Father’s Day Gifts Ideas 2018 That Your Customers Would Love to Buy

It is an exciting time for e-commerce businesses. Online shopping is becoming increasingly popular and the barrier to entry in building online stores has never been lower. However, the increasing competition among online retailers is making it harder for ecommerce startups to stand out from the crowd.

But all is not lost. Businesses can gain an upper hand by utilizing latest trends and catching up on seasonal hype to generate sales. There are different products that perform well in particular seasons, while some items trend high due to festivities and special occasions.

This brings us to the elephant in the room, which product should you sell on your store. Selecting the right products at the right time can make or break your store. Businesses can differentiate themselves from others by listing products that are trending.

Selecting Trend-Ready Products for Your Store

Dropshipping stores can literally change their inventory in a matter of seconds. It only takes them few clicks to add or remove products and design a set of items that is most likely to catch the eye of their customers.

But selecting relevant products from a seemingly unlimited inventory is not as effortless as it may seem. If you are an ecommerce storeowner, you might be aware that this process is incredibly stressful and a bit overwhelming.

The best thing to do here is to keep things simple. Follow the online trends and analyze them to determine which products are going to sell the best. These trends can also tell you how relevant some of these products are in relation to different events or festivities that might be coming up.

Google Trends is the best free tool to find trends for a particular product. It allows storeowners to filter trends based on region, time-period, category, and search type. Using Google Trends, businesses can boost their sales by researching about trend-ready products, which products to target in which region, and listing them on their stores during events and seasons.

Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas – Picking the Right Products

As father’s day is just right around the corner, we have created a list of best father’s day gift ideas for 2018 by analyzing trends. We think your customers would love to buy these products and will boost your store sales on this special occasion. Let’s Begin!


This one’s a bit traditional but in its defense, it’s a proven and time-tested product type. Aftershaves make for perfect gifts for adult men and come in all sorts of price ranges. We’ve got the data to back up the trend for these as well. According to Google trends, the public interest in aftershave products is definitely going to be soaring around Father’s Day.  Aftershave trend

BONUS TIP: based on this data, it is evident that purchase interest for these products is absolutely exploding in the UK, if you’re looking to target customers based on their location.

Outdoor GrillOutdoor Grill

Father’s day is all about memories. And when we think of some of our favorite childhood memories, its summer vacations and those fun outdoor barbecues. This is enough reason for many sons and daughters to surf the internet in search of a suitable outdoor grill for their respective fathers.

Anyhow, this product is not on the list because we feel it should be. There is solid data to reaffirm that it is among the best father’s day gift ideas.Outdoor Grill trend

According to the graph, the interest in outdoor grills has increased greatly in the last few months. More importantly, since the May 13 2018, the trends have grown rapidly in favor of this product.

Unsurprisingly, Americans are more interested in grills than any other country. As the Memorial Day and Fourth of July approaches, the unofficial barbecue season is just about to commence in the States. This is perhaps the best time to decorate your ecommerce store with unique and tempting grills.

Baseball Caps

This one is no-brainer. Sports have always had a unique way of connecting children with their fathers. Whether it’s going to your first game together or learning to play ball in the backyard, these moments have a special place in our hearts.

This father’s day, sportswear will remain a favorite options of many who will to look celebrate paternal bonds. In particular, baseball caps will appeal to many customers as it is a cool father’s day gift idea and has a distinctive cultural significance.

You can also use services like Printful to create and sell custom baseball caps. This way you can target customers from different regions and sell baseball caps of their favorite team. Printful is compatible with various ecommerce platforms including Shopify, WooCommerce and Squarespace. Therefore, you can easily integrate it with your store.

The recent trends related to Baseball caps suggest that customer’s interest in the product is steadily increasing. Similarly, countries such as Czech Republic and Hungary rank high on these trends, which highlights the broad appeal of these items.

Fishing Rod

If you remember the first time, your father took you to a family fishing trip. You may also remember how thrilling an experience that was for you as a child. Why wouldn’t you want to relive that memory? The summer is here and it’s the perfect time for folks to bond with their fathers.

We reiterate that these fishing rods might end up as the best father’s day gift idea and become a main attraction on your store.

Google trends depict an impressive growth in searches related to fishing rods. The regions in which these searches are most popular all have a strong fishing culture. For dropshipping stores – this is the best time to bait and hook.

Aviator Sunglasses

Some of us like to surprise our fathers with gifts they might least expect. And come to think of it, where is the fun in getting people something they can easily anticipate. It always good to mix things up every year and keep your loved one guessing. Plus, sunglasses are always a top selling item in summers.

For many, father’s day is an opportunity to show that you really care about your father and this involves putting some thought behind your gift.

The aviator sunglasses have been around from a long time and have been worn by celebrities such as Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson. For most fathers, they could serve as a cool father’s day gift idea.

The public interest in Aviator Sunglasses has slowly risen in the last few years. Google trends also demonstrate the wide-ranging appeal of this product in big markets such as US, UK and India.

Men’s Shorts

Speaking of trends – men’s shorts are a hot favorite during summers. They fit in perfectly for summer wear needs where you need clothes that are suitable for outdoor activities.  Therefore, it’s the best time to upgrade the wardrobe of your parents and occasions such as father’s day provides the best opportunity to do this.

Hence, we would advise all ecommerce stores to maintain a versatile collection of trendy apparels. Shorts are also a cheap father’s day gift item that customers adore.

Google trends leave little doubt that the interest in Men’s short has soared in the last few years. Are sons and daughters rushing towards online stores to get their fathers the best shorts available? We think this is the case.

Swimming Trunks

As the summer rages on, the demand for swimwear is witnessing a predictable growth. But how does that related to fathers’ days? Well! This brings us back to toward our prior points of customers selecting trendy apparel for their fathers. Therefore, swimming trunks are among the best father’s day gift items to sell on your store.

The above graph demonstrates that interest in swimming trunks has grown exceptionally. The obvious reason for this is the arrival of summer where swimwear is in high demand.

An important thing to observe above is the presence of Singapore and Philippines as regions where this item was most searched. This might be because these two countries are important tourists’ destinations.

Breathable Shoes

The breathable shoe are stylish, provide added comfort and are often cost-effective. So why wouldn’t you want to see your father in one of these.

These shoes are an easy choice for customers who want to provide some relief to their fathers in the scorching heat of the summer. Not just that, the distinctive nature of these products will surely appeal to those who like to think out of the box with regards to their father’s day gift.

The interest in breathable shoes has seen almost vertical growth according to the google trends. Customers are curious about these new and innovative brands of shoes and online stores have an excellent opportunity to market these items for a profitable return, hence making them a cheap father’s day gift item.

Wrapping Things Up

This brings us to an end of our article. We hope that the products we have mentioned will boost your sales and bring in more customers than you ever imagined.

Based on Google trends, we shortlisted the best father’s day gift ideas 2018. Each of these products have a booming growth and are trending high among customers.

If you have any other product that you think will perform best on father’s day, let us know in the comments below.

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