3 Proven Methods to Design Your Print on Demand Products

When I started my online ecommerce store, I was struggling to find some structured information that could help me find the best design ideas that I can use for my print on demand business.

Though information was available over the internet but it was scattered all over the Web.

At that day I decided to compile my own ideas somewhere which I can share with new ecommerce store owners so they don’t have to go through the same struggle like me.

This blog can surely help you to establish your print on demand business with a very minimum or *no investment*.

I started my print on demand store with word-based designs because the word-based ones are how you can very easily come up with a zillion different design ideas inexpensively and you could put them all up, it costs you nothing.

Once you start getting sales on those, then you can look into getting more complex designs.

Let’s start discussing those approaches to find the best design ideas for your print on demand business one by one!

Approach#1 – Google Images

So, the first step to find designs is Google images. The proven concept is to go to “Google Images https://images.google.com“.


Just type in whatever niche you want to start out with. For instance, I am targeting “nursing niche”.

You can use different keywords like nursing quotes, funny nursing memes, funny nursing t-shirts, funny nursing mug, funny nursing pillow, etc.

So when I insert my keyword “funny nursing meme” it shows me different results not only funny nursing meme related, but other options too.

Just open up your idea file and jot down the funniest memes and phrases for your designs. For instance:

A good reason to be a nurse is you can silent fart at work and it can be blamed on the patient

This is something that is relatable to nursing professionals and you do not need to have a complex design for it. You can simply go with text-based designs by putting this text on t-shirts, mugs, necklaces, bracelets, etc.

The funnier it is, the better.

Now follow the same procedure by just tweaking a keyword little bit ” funny nursing t-shirts”.

Just open up your idea file and jot down the funniest nursing t-shirt phrases for your designs. For instance, ” Nursing Fixin’ Cuts and Stickin’ Butts”.

You can have more interesting phrases by just looking at Google instant searches. For instance, I inserted “Funny nursing memes”. It showed me more options related to it.

You can carry out activity for any niche/keyword the o find most relatable phrases for that niche.

Approach#2: Amazon

Second approach you can take to find proven concepts for your niche is Amazon.com.

Type your keyword for instance “nursing mugs” in the search field.

It will show you all the relevant results.

As you can see different results on nursing mugs keywords. To get the best idea, I will go with a product that has good customer reviews.

For instance, in this case, I clicked on “BigMouth Inc The Prescription Coffee Mug, Ceramic, Funny Gift for the Caffeine Lover” mug.

This mug has over 2,393 customer reviews with a 4.5-star rating which gives me enough courage to pick exact or similar idea for my mugs to generate a good income.

By picking best selling products on amazon in any particular category will clearly show you which text you should use for your print on demand products with just a different twist.

Approach#3: Etsy

Third approach you can take to find proven concepts for your niche is Etsy.com

Type your keyword “nursing mugs” in the search bar for instance.

It will show you all the relevant results for that keyword. 

Here I am looking for what sells best on Etsy. For that, I always go with those products that have the most positive customer reviews. So in this case, I will go with “Registered Nurse, RN, Nurse Graduation Gift” mug.

It has 1486+ customer reviews which gives me enough confidence to make similar or little tweaked designs for my own print on demand products.

Are These Methods Still Relevant?

100% Yes!

Here are some of the successful campaigns I ran myself.

Camaign#1: Battle With the Angel of Death

Campaign#2: Nursing Rolling Fatties

Campaign#3: There Are No Bad Days

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If you are starting out in the Print on Demand industry or just looking for some fresh new ideas for your latest products then these approaches are the best way to find the freshest ideas.

The idea for finding new and fresh designs for your Print on Demand products doesn’t have to be revolutionary or completely unique.

You can always take inspiration from other products that are selling really well and come up with similar designs with a bit of tweaking.

This way you will always end up with winning products and designs for your Print on Demand business.

Hopefully, these methods will help you out in finding your next bestselling PoD design idea. Don’t forget to comment below and let me know what you think of it.

I look forward to reading your comments. All critiques, feedback, and queries are welcome.

Saleem Ahrar

Saleem Ahrar is an accomplished eCommerce enthusiast with a wealth of knowledge and half a decade of experience. A gym-addict and reading enthusiast, Saleem enjoys mentoring newbies with his expertise & knowledge in digital marketing. His belief in the quote “hard work conquers all”, is the defining crucible of his never quit attitude.

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    Thank you for the advice and guidance. As someone who is just starting to research print on demand, this is extremely helpful.

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