9 Trending Product Ideas for Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2018

The arrival of the holiday season marks the beginning of the “gold rush” for eCommerce stores with a series of holidays. So we took the opportunity to research some excellent product ideas for our privileged readers to sell in the holidays.

If you are just starting out with your new e-store these ideas would be a great way to kick start your sales. Black Friday & Cyber Monday being two of the biggest events for any eCommerce entrepreneur, here are 25 trending products for the 2018 season.


Black Friday & Cyber Monday Product Shopping Stats (USA) by Influenster

9 Trending Product Ideas for Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2018

Electronics, appliances and apparel remain the most popular categories during Black Friday & Cyber Monday campaigns. While women are shopping for jewelry and clothing, men are more interested in technology & electronics. The advent of mobile eCommerce has been a blessing for e-stores, increasing the need for mobile optimized websites.

Bluetooth Headphones

Bluetooth headphones remain one of the most sought out product during Black Friday & Cyber Monday events. Usually retailing between $20 and $400 (depending on the brand), Bluetooth headphones are popular amongst both younger and mature audiences for different needs.

If you observe in the Google trend above, the most radical spikes occur during the holiday season starting Halloween. Electronic & technology stores should take notice that there are excellent margins on these products during the holiday season. Brands including JBL, Shure, Skull Candy, Sony, Sennheiser and many others lower prices during Black Friday & Cyber Monday.



Electric Heating Blankets

A very popular product among European, Canadian, USA and other cold climate regions. Electronic blankets can be a massive seller for Black Friday & Cyber Monday for the above mentioned regions. The great aspect here is that these blankets can be listed on electronics, apparel, home improvement and general purpose e-stores.


Notice in the Google trends graph for Electric Heating Blankets, there is a very sharp increase in the during holiday seasons in the USA. Another good aspect here is that only large scale e-stores and brick-n-mortar stores tend to sell these. So, the only competition are a handful of webstores and physical stores.


Electric Toothbrushes

Who doesn’t want that awesome pearly smile? Black Friday & Cyber Monday are the perfect occasion to go for electric tooth brushes which usually retail between $20 and $200. If you notice the trend for electric tooth brushes, it has significantly gone up over the past three years.


Prominent brands like Oral-B tend to slash prices by almost 75% during the holiday seasons. The good aspect though is that now there is a huge range of unbranded products available to source through several suppliers on AliExpress.


Winter Boots

The arrival of winter usually shoots the trends line for winter boots, and compounding it with Black Friday & Cyber Monday makes them a great item to list. A great item for regions with snow and terribly chilly winters, winter boots are a brilliant item to list for North American, European and Canadian buyers.

Over the past three years we can observe that the trend line jumps erratically during the holiday season. Since winter boots are niche products, buyers consider shopping for them during special occasions. A great idea for apparel stores and those who love publishing collections.


Winter Jackets

Similar to boots, winter jackets are also a seasonal item and start trending during the Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales. A great prospect for new eCommerce stores, while a bumper item for established ones. A superb item ranging between $15 and going upto $1,000, winter jackets offer massive margins when marketed properly.

The 3 year trend observes that spikes appear as soon as the holiday seasons begin and runs all the way through January. AliExpress, Amazon and eBay are ideal places to sources winter jackets with a massive range of both branded & unbranded products available on all three platforms.


Gift Wrapping Paper

A must have for the holidays, who doesn’t love a sweetly wrapped gift? Running all the way starting Halloween to New Year, gift wrapping paper can be bought in bulk to ensure you don’t have to run to the stationary store or gift shop every time a new holiday pops up. Since there are no brands gift wrap paper can be easily listed and requires no partnerships.


Do beware that gift wrap paper trends are short lived and must be capitalized between November and January. After these three months there is no possible use for the product. If you notice in the trend line above for 3 years a similar tendency is observed proving our argument.


Men’s Watches

Considered an ideal and beautiful gift for all occasions, men’s watches trend largely starting October. Watches are easy to deliver, have ideal costs for an affordable gift, and are available in both digital & analogue versions. AliExpress offers a massive range of both digital and analogue watches, ranging between $20 & $500.

The great aspect is that both branded and unbranded products are listed that you can also negotiate costs for.

If you observe the trend line for the past three years, searches for men’s watches jumps significantly as soon as the holiday season starts. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are ideal holidays for new e-stores top power through with this product. Another great aspect of watches (both men and women) is that they offer massive profit margins.

Phone Accessories

Smartphone accessories are massive, and have been since early 2010. Customizing their smartphone is every phone owner’s wish. Since they are perishables and are damaged easily, their demand is constant throughout the year. These accessories including cases, cables, chargers, screen protectors etc. are ideal gifts and good buys for almost every phone owner.


Phone accessories are also ideally priced so make up for excellent gift starting Halloween. The ease of customizing these accessories is also very easy, hence available for all occasions. Technology and electronic e-stores can make use of these items by bundling them into collections or upselling them with smartphones. AliExpress offers a superb range of phone accessories to get ideas and suppliers for phone accessories.

How to search for popular holiday products on AliExpress

You can also make use of my guide to search for the best products to sell this holiday season. Although I published the guide for general purpose search it can be ideal for the holiday season. Enjoy the guide and do leave your comments if I missed something. If you are, however, searching for country specific products you can also visit my guide to search products in specific niches.

Do remember at this point that not all products are ideal to sell through and online store. This is mostly due to shipping costs, time of shipping & delivery, safety, returns, payment issues and other miscellaneous issues. Not all products are meant to be sold online, hence consider products that are easier to ship, are available for quick shipping and have several suppliers to source through.


See You Again Soon!

I hope you liked my category ideas for the bestselling Black Friday & Cyber Monday products. You can browse through several categories for trending products to sell this black Friday & Cyber Monday on Ali Express too. Remember to share my article if you liked it, and do drop a comment below for feedback.

Keep in mind that you cannot go into the holiday season without a marketing plan. Consider our guide to create the perfect social media marketing plan and have a profitable holiday season. Until next time, see you again soon.

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