Top 13 Products to Dropship During Football World Cup 2018

FIFA World Cup 2018 is going on with all its glory in Russia. Fans of the sport have come to Russia from all around the world and the fever is at an all time high right now.

Everyone and their dog is busy watching the World’s most popular sporting event, but that doesn’t mean you have to waste that entire month glued to your TV.

You can actually use the World Cup’s hype to your advantage and give your ecommerce store a seasonal boost.

The World Cup could very well be the best selling event for you, if you sell the right things. However, it’s not that easy to figure out what to sell during such events.

Fret no more little entrepreneur, we’ve got your back. You don’t have to go digging around for the hottest products to sell during the World Cup.

We’ve done the work for you. We’ve done the digging (well, not actual digging, but yeah we did something).

We;ve researched the products and actual souvenirs for you that you can sell during the Football World Cup craze.

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Here are the top 13 products you can sell during the World Cup, or dropship, take your pick.

1. Football/Soccer Ball

Right now is the hottest time to sell footballs or soccer balls (for you Americans out there). The Football fever is at an all time high because of the World Cup 2018 and football fans want their hands (or feet) on the official Russia 2018 football.

The official World Cup 2018 football is called Telstar and it’s manufactured in Pakistan. You can either source it from the origin country for cheap or get a replica from AliExpress.

Either way, you stand to make a great profit when selling these footballs as the trend for them has gone up high right now.

2. Football Juggle Bags

Football fans not only want to watch the World Cup, but they are also keen on taking part in the sport as well. Everyone wants to be the next Football sensation and for that purpose they want the best training equipment.

These Football Juggle bags are great for perfecting the first-touch and dribbling skills along with juggling, of course. These sell like hotcakes because most amateur football players want to learn “how to juggle a football” and these juggle bags are a great way to learn juggling.

Kids are also very eager to love juggling, so you can market this to the younger audience to cash in on the trend.

3. FIFA Russia 2018 Badge

Football fans want to show their dedication to the sport by wearing things that express their love for the game. This includes badges as well.

The FIFA World Cup 2018 badge is a great way to show your love for the sport. Fans want to wear the World Cup trophy on their chest to show that they believe in their team winning the World Cup and bringing the actual trophy back home.

You can also sell team badges to hardcore fans because they want to show their actual love for their teams by wearing the official emblem.

4. Football Training Pants

Football training pants are another hot item right now. These fall into the athleisure category so people can wear these as their daily-life trousers or use these for gym/football training.

Training pants are always a hot item for dropshipping, however, with the football craze going on right now, these football training pants can be your next bestseller.

You can even sell training pants with official International team logos so people can show their love and support for their home teams.

5. Football Shoes/Cleats

What’s the most important thing when playing football? Football? Yeah, of course, but you also need special football shoes or cleats to kick it around.

Fans and football aspirants want to train and play with high quality football shoes. Since the trend for all things Football is at an all time high due to World Cup 2018. You better start selling cleats and football shoes to eager fans.

You can also market kid’s cleats to the younger audience because little kids are die-hard fans of the sport and want to feel like their favorite superstars while wearing professional football cleats.

It’s a huge market, so take your pick and market it.

6. Football Gliding Disc

Kids love toys and kids also love football. So, what do you get when you mix football with toys? Well, you get the football gliding disc. It’s a hovering gliding disc that works similar to pucks in air hockey.

These glide on air-pressure and when you kick them they go bouncing around wall to wall. Kids and even adults love these little toys. These can be easily marketed online and you don’t even need a speciality football store to sell these.

You can market these if you have a kids’ store or a toys store which makes it even easier to sell such items.

7. Football Captain Armband

Everyone wants to be the captain, the leader of their own football team. You can’t be a football captain without actually wearing the captain’s armband.

The Football captain armband is a great accessory for all the football fans out there. You can sell these armbands right now so every football fan out there can start feeling like a real captain.

Country based armbands will also sell like hotcakes right now because everyone wants to wear their countries flag on their arms for appreciation and support.

8. Football Agility Ladder

Agility ladders are a great work out tool for agility and speed. Footballers love agility training to become lightning fast and nimble.

You don’t only have to market these to hardcore football fans and players, but you can pretty much sell these to anyone who’s remotely interested in working out, losing weight, fitness training, etc.

If you have a fitness store, athleisure store, or a football store, these agility ladders are a great product you can sell right now to ride the World Cup hype.

9. Football Tactics Board

What’s a tactic board, you ask? Well, it’s the magnetic board you see in every football team’s locker room where the coach tells them what to do.

The tactic board comes with magnetic pieces that indicate an individual player. These pieces are then used to set the team’s formation, opponent’s positioning, etc.

It’s a great item at the moment because both children and adults love having these. People who play football can feel like a professional team when using these tactics board for their Sunday-league games. So, sell them while they are hot.

10. Football Goal Net

How do you play football if you don’t even have a goal? And how can you have a goal when you don’t even have a goal net?

If you want to market your store to the hardcore football fans whose favorite pastime is playing football then you can sell them goal nets for their football matches.

These nets are high quality and you can make a good margin on each net. The football craze is going on right now and it’s time you cash in on it.

11. Football Training Discs

Training discs are for athletes and also people who live fitness. If you are marketing to football players or people who are into fitness then these are great products to dropship at the moment.

Football is on every TV channel right now due to World Cup and people are watching fit athletes every time they turn on their TVs. So, they want to be fit as well.

Now is the time to sell simple fitness items like these football training discs make a great profit.

12. Football International Bracelets

These are the souvenirs that you want to sell right now. Beautiful wearable bracelets for every football fan out there. These help the fans show their love and appreciation for their favorite teams.

Each fan wants to stand out when showing their dedication to their team and these beautiful looking bracelets with International flags are a great way to show that dedication to their team during the World Cup.

Sell them right now when the trend is at its peak. They might go out of fashion as soon as the World Cup ends.

13. Football Scarf

What’s a great way to show off your true love for football and your country’s team? Stylish scarves that you can wear everywhere.

These scarves are colorful and bright with an international team’s name and colors including the logo. You can sell these anytime since all the football fans love wearing their team’s to the stadium.


Now, you have no excuse, alright? We have given you the trendiest, the hottest products that you can easily sell during the World Cup 2018 hype and pretty much ride the trend to a huge profit.

All you have to do is put these products on sale on your online store. If you don’t already have an online store then create one with Shopify with a FREE 14-day trial.

Just set up a store with Shopify in minutes and start your ecommerce career with these hot selling products during the Football World Cup 2018.

Feel free to comment below and let us know what you think. Also, don’t forget to join our Facebook group for more ecommerce tips and help.

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