How to Make Awesome Videos for Products

Let’s come to learn how to make awesome videos for products because videos were projected to be the next step in online marketing back in 2015, as HubSpot identify in their 2017 research. The research also identifies that buyers not only prefer to watch product videos, but are also 81% more likely to purchase. Not only are video preferred by buyers, they are consider such companies with product videos as trustworthy.

While statistics speak highly of videos, it remains one of the more underutilized marketing methods.

Why Use eCommerce Product Videosbenefits of products videos

There are several reasons why product videos for marketing can prove to be quite significant to any eStore. Here are 5 top reasons why you should consider eCommerce product videos on your website.

  1. Buyers consider product videos more helpful and prefer eStore with product video demos – More Impressions & Clicks
  2. Buyers purchase more when they can view product videos – More Conversions
  3. Sellers who use eCommerce product videos grow revenue 49% faster
  4. Google values product videos – Better Ranking & Traffic
  5. Videos are ESSENTIAL for mobile users

5 Essential Practices to create the best eCommerce Product Videos

There is a need to plan and strategize product videos before you can start producing them. There are crucial questions to answer before we start producing 1 hour videos with no direction. Below are five essential factors that you will need to address before creating eCommerce product videos.

  1. Plan Your Product Videos

Before you can start recording product videos for marketing, it’s essential to plan what the purpose will be. Videos can be of several kinds including a product demo, a buyer review, product features or how it solves buyers’ issues.

At this stage also decide which platform, website or social channel you are creating the video for. The requirements for every social channel are different, while YouTube is a completely different ball game. It ideal to address the following:

  • Features of your product(s)
  • Customer pain points and needs
  • A story of your brand or company
  • Introduce product variants and product lines
  1. Prepare a Proper Script

After brainstorming through the above, it is essential to prepare a proper script of what will be delivered in the product video. As an example consider the following script:

  • Introduce the product & your brand
  • How it helps the buyer
  • What features does the product offer
  • Explain additional benefits if any
  • Introduce product variants
  1. Emphasize on Engagement

You may have noticed a large number of product videos, including those on YouTube, that don’t really get too much attention. The reason for this is that these are either terribly timed or terribly produced product videos for marketing with a lot of clustered information.

Your videos must always emphasize on engagement. Provide the buyer with the necessary information that they viewing the video for, don’t waste buyers’ time. Always consider the following points to make sure your eCommerce product videos emphasize on engagement:

  • Create short videos preferably between 1 minute and 2 minutes
  • Maintain audio quality for all file types you create
  1. Use Tunes in Your Product Videos

I always put great emphasis on the music I use for my videos, although they are not eCommerce product videos. If you would have noticed some of the biggest brands in the world use jingles, tunes, and even songs in their advertising or product videos. Ever heard of the McDonalds jingle used in almost all of their ads.

Using soft background music, signature tunes, and jingles can build up to a great product video. Music and energy in your videos, while creating a positive aura for your product. The great thing is that there is no restriction when using music, it can be used for almost every kind of product video.

Do keep in mind the following when choosing music for your eCommerce product videos:

  • Choose music based on video type – demo, tutorial, advertisement, user review etc.
  • Consider using cheerful music in videos so the viewer can enjoy the video with an ambiance
  • Don’t use songs with lyrics in case there is a voice over or a person talking in the video
  • There is no need to play music from the beginning, edit and use the part that builds positive aura
  1. Include a CTA in Your Product Videos

Place a CTA (call to action) in your videos on YouTube using ‘annotations’ and always include a call to action for your social media videos. Keep in mind, this CTA doesn’t necessarily have to be a button asking to buy. You can request the viewer to sign up to a newsletter, become a member or watch more product videos.

The primary purpose of the CTA with your product videos will be to entice the viewer to either purchase or visit your website. You can add call to action to your videos as follows:

  • Display steps at the end of videos requesting viewers to buy or sign up
  • You can use voice over or a person speaking about what viewers should do next
  • Add CTA buttons with videos to ensure qualified buyers proceed to your eStore

How to Plan for a Product Video Demo

Planning for a product demo may sound simple, but it demands you answer some very important questions beforehand. These questions are basically your checklist to develop and manage your video marketing strategy.

 Where will the video be published

Before you go directly in to filming and development, you must answer the all-important question where will the video be published. Depending on where (Product pages, Emails, or Paid Facebook & Instagram Ads) the video will be published it is essential to address several factors. Similarly, every social media platform has its own requirement for video format, size, and time.

Product videos for marketing developed for different purposes will also have varying messages, content, length, and tone. A welcome email will have no sales pitch, while, a Paid Facebook ad will be highly inclined towards selling products.

What Purpose will the video serve

It is an essential to determine what purpose a product video marketing campaign or even a single video will serve. There can be several purposes depending on the age and popularity of your business. Commonly pursued targets to achieve from videos include:

  • Increase Conversions – The most common purpose to achieve from product videos is increasing conversions through real time product demos & adverts.
  • Increase Average Order Value (AOV) – Another very popular target to achieve through product videos is increasing the average order value of your store or single buyers. The idea is to get more sales per buyer, read more about AOV on Optimizely.
  • Develop new buyers – The most ideal and common purpose to create enticing videos is to develop new customers.

But, don’t limit your video marketing to these targets or purposes to achieve. You can also create videos to assist buyers after they have bought the product to build loyalty. You can also create videos for special occasions like Christmas, Cyber Monday and other holidays.

Will you create a series of videos

The last factor to consider when creating video marketing plans is to determine if you will create one or a series of videos. Videos can definitely be categorized into stages of the marketing funnel, namely:

  1. Awareness Video – Highlight the buyer’s problem, introduce your company, brand etc.
  2. Consideration video – Highlight your products, benefits, how they help the buyer, comparison with competitors’ products, and why buy your brand etc.
  3. Conversion Video – Highlight the product quality, cost to benefit, portability, and after sales support
  4. Loyalty Video – Create a video to thank the buyer to ensure they feel delighted by your service
  5. Advocacy Video – This video is usually created by your buyer. You can even ask them to complete a real time review after using your products. The buyer voluntarily shares this video review with their friends and family.

See You Again Soon

I hope this first edition of how to create amazing product videos to sell helped you to understand the basics of video marketing. Develop your own marketing plan, decide what type of videos to create, and what you want to achieve through them.

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