Google Trends Suggest These 24 Hottest Items to Sell in COVID-19

This coronavirus Pandemic has affected the whole world, leaving millions of people jobless. Be it the airline, sport, or entertainment industry.

Nonetheless, for some industries, a beacon of light is still shining at this Pandemic, but most people are unable to see that. And one of those is online selling. If you ever plan to start your ecommerce store, Amazon FBA, or dropshipping business, you should better start it in this Pandemic.

Some Eye-Opener Facts!

All those people who lost their jobs due to this Pandemic or even those who have not yet. Be prepared for the worst. It is estimated that by June, more than 14 million employees will lose their jobs, and it is the least worse estimation that unemployment could get worse than the great depression. Source: Planet Money Podcast, Episode – American Unemployed.

So, either you are aware or not of the ecommerce industry, I would highly recommend getting enlighten with online selling business.

Now, for those who are aware of this business and running any sort of online selling business, I have prepared a list of products whose trends has been boosted in this coronavirus Pandemic.

I am not talking about N95 Masks and hand sanitizers.

There are a bunch of other products that you quickly find in wholesale and sell for much higher profits on your online store, Amazon, or eBay.

Amazon has already prioritized shipping for medical supplies, household items, so that highlights the importance of these niches during COVID-19.

So, without further ado, let’s start with the list.

Here are 24 best products to sell during Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19)

1- Air Purifier

In this Coronavirus epidemic, the air purifier has suddenly witnessed a boost in its demand.

It did not come as surprises TBH, as it helps in purifying the contaminants in the air and improves the indoor air quality. Usually, the demand for this product rises at the time of Christmas and New Year.

As you can see in the worldwide trend graph, the demand for air purifiers quickly jumps at the time of April 2020 that is surely happened due to the COVID-19.

2 – Beard Trimmer

Beard trimmer has also become a necessity of all men in this quarantine.

Since the hairdresser services are closed globally, the demand for trimmers boosts all over the world. You can quickly sell this product online by advertising in the right market.

3- Can Food

The lockdown and quarantine news have created the chaos of food supplies shortage. That subsequently increases the demand of can food.

As you can analyze from the graph, the demand for can food is the highest than ever before. People are looking for can foods so they can prepare for the worst-case scenario.

Right now it is one of the bestselling items to sell during Coronavirus Pandemic.

4- Chair Cushion

Work from home policy directly impacts on the demand of the office equipment and one of them is chair cushion.

The worldwide trends show a sudden jump in demand for chair cushions. So, it the best time to sell anything related to office equipment.

5-  Office Chairs

Similar to chair cushion, office chairs demand has also boosted after the implementation of work from home policy.

The demand for office chairs seem to slow down after a great spike. Nonetheless, you still have an excellent opportunity to cash-in this product and make money by selling it online during COVID-19.

6- Chinos

In the quarantine, people are looking for chinos. It is the semi-casual pants made from 100% cotton making it one of the most comfortable pants.

The trends of chinos usually stay constant throughout the year. However, since the coronavirus outbreak, the trend of chinos witnessed a couple of spikes within a month. It shows that it is one of the hot-selling items in this Coronavirus Pandemic.

7- Coffee Maker

Most people may not agree, but the coffee maker has also become a part of office equipment.


If you analyze the trends of the last five years, the demand for coffee maker increases at the time of Christmas and New Year. However, there is an unprecedented spike occurred that does not usually appear at this time of year.

So, it is safe to say that the demand is boosted because of quarantine.

8-  Dishwasher Detergent

Dishwasher detergent is a common household item but due to the Pandemic the demand for all household appliances seen a significant rise.

The rise in the demand for cleaning household items are already predicted. The boost in the trend of dishwasher detergent shows how much demand this product possesses right now that could help you to make easy money during COVID-19.

9- Facial Mask

The home and beauty care products demand were envisaged to rise after the quarantine news broke.


Following the effects, the demand for facial masks quickly jumped globally. The trends for the facial mask is hottest right now than ever before.

10- Lip Mask

Similar to facial masks, the trends of lip masks have also seen a sudden jump.

The trends for lip mask was already gradually rising over the years. However, the COVID-19 has given it a quick boost and make it one of the best items to sell during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

11- Spray Bottle

People are making their own cleaning agents and sanitizing products, filling it up in spray bottles.

As you can see, the trend of spray bottle has shot straight up in the last week of March, and that is undoubtedly the impact of COVID-19. So, you have the golden opportunity to earn a great amount of money by selling this product online.

12- House Slippers

Household items demand are booming right now, and the house slippers are one of the items that have seen an unprecedented change in its demand after quarantine.

The worldwide trends show that the demand for house slippers rises at the time of Christmas. However, an unprecedented short spike appears in March. That shows the need for this product is enormous at this time.

13- Laptop Table

Work from home raises the demand for office equipment. Since most of the employees are working from home laptop table, demand was supposed to increase.

The worldwide trends show that the demand for laptop table shoots right upward in lockdown. It is a winning product that could quickly help you to make thousands of dollars by selling this product online.

14- Light Blocking Glasses

Light blocking glasses absorb blue light, which means when you use these glasses for looking at the screen for a long time. It helps to reduce exposure to blue light that causes you to keep awake.


As people are locking themselves in their homes, the exposure to the laptop and mobile screens has increased, which subsequently increases the demand for light blocking glasses.

15 – Loungewear

People prefer to stay in comfortable clothes when they are at home, and since everybody is in their homes, the loungewear demand was forecasted to rise.

The worldwide trends of loungewear speak for itself. We can say that it is the hottest item right now to sell online.

16 – Pulse Checker

Amazon made medical supplies the utmost priority to fulfill first due to the rise in its demand, and one of these products is a pulse checker.

The vertical rise in the worldwide trends for pulse checker shows how much people are looking for this product online.

17 – Resistance Band

Resistance band are elastic bands helps in for strength training and physical therapy.

It is one of the standard yoga tools that can be used to perform exercise within the home. The spike in its trend is the ultimate sign of winning the product.

18- Hair Trimmer

Similar to bear trimmer, hair trimmer also comes in demand after the lockdown.

The worldwide trends are showing a straight upward rise for hair trimmer. You have the best opportunity to cash in this product by selling it in your online stores.

19 – USB Adapter

USB adapter comes very handy to convert USB data cable to the standard serial port.

Most of the office equipment has migrated to homes now that increases the demand of USB adapter to make the connectivity of different devices easy.

20 – Washable Face Mask

The face mask has become the most rear item in the world since the outbreak of Coronavirus. Due to the shortage of N95 masks and surgical masks, people are obliged to purchase washable masks so they can use it for a longer time.

Washable face mask seems to have no demand over five years, and suddenly, its demand pops up like a bamboo tree. The demand for this product is enormous at this moment, so you have the open chance to cash-in this great opportunity and fulfill the need of the market.

21 – Washable Markers

Schools have given long holidays, and children are eager to show thier creativity on anything they find in the home. That’s where washable markers come to the rescue to help parents.

The worldwide trends show that the washable markers demand rises at the time of holidays. For children, this is a kind of holiday for them that justifies the increase in the demand for washable markers.

22 – Yoga Mat

The quarantine restricts the fitness freaks from going to the gym and for jogging. The yoga mat is the best companion that helps to remain fit by performing exercises at home.

You can analyze from spike here that this product is gold at the time of quarantine. So, you’d better start selling this product online to make some quick money.

24- Zinc Supplements

The robust immune system is the most excellent defense against COVID-19. That is one of the reasons for the hike in demand for zinc supplements.

Zinc supplement demand suddenly jumps at this time. So, you need to start selling this item to make some good and quick money.

Watch out this video to learn how to find products to sell during Coronavirus Pandemic.

Wrapping Up

Apart from the threat of life, COVID-19 has brought other deadly hazards also, and the most alarming of them is unemployment. Unemployment is envisaged to go worse than the great depression.

I would recommend all of you to start some sort of online business if you have not started yet.

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