How to combine Shipping on eBay In Minutes

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If you are selling online, you are definitely always looking for different ways to save money and cut costs for your online business. If you are selling on eBay then the cost-cutting becomes even more important since eBay likes to take a chunk of your revenue as well. Well, eBay also allows you to save money on order delivery by combining shipping on different orders.

If you sell multiple items to the same person, then you don’t have to send them the product in different packages individually. eBay allows you to combine the orders into one single shipment and save both, you and the buyer some extra money.

If you want to combine your orders into one single shipment then you can easily do so through a few different methods, it all depends if the buyer has paid for the shipment or if you’re offering free postage.

How to combine postage on eBay Automatically?

Setting it all up, so the combined postage rates are displayed automatically is by far the best option. It lets you promote your combined postage rates on your product pages and saves you from the hassle of adjusting your shipping rates for every order.How to combine postage on eBay Automatically

As a drawback, eBay doesn’t really promote combined shipping on the listings page. Users are not able to see the combined shipping offer until they look at your shipping details. So, your combined shipping offer doesn’t really pop-out for the buyer to see, buried far-down on the listings page. However, it does make a big difference for buyers who are hunting for cheaper deals. These type of buyers pay close attention to such details and prefer the sellers that offer combined shipping to save some costs on postage.

You can create rules for combined shipping by going to My eBay > Account > Site Preferences, find “Shipping preferences, find “Shipping preferences,” and then click “Show” next to it. You’ll then see the options below.How to combine postage on eBay Automatically 2

From these options, click Edit on “Offer combined payments and shipping” and change it to “Yes“.

Now, combined shipping will be available on your listing page for all your buyers.

How to Combine Shipping on eBay Manually?

If you want to offer combine postage on eBay without having to resort to the automatic feature then you can also do so from your eBay account dashboard. First of all, you need to enable eBay Checkout in your account. This feature is often enabled by default, but if it isn’t, then you should enable it.How to Combine Shipping on eBay Manually

Now, whenever a customer places an order and makes payment for it, you have a short window between the order placement and payment completion where you can send them a combined invoice for the postage. Here are official eBay instructions to know how to offer combine invoices on eBay. You can also revise an invoice that you have already sent to the buyer.

However, what happens when the customer has already made the payment before you can send them a combined postage invoice? Well, if the payment is done then it’s pretty much final. You can try to provide a partial refund to the customer, but you won’t get the fixed PayPal fee back.

This can further get messed up into a plethora of negative feedbacks, refunds, and returns. Buyers can give you negative feedback if you don’t meet their requests for combined shipping. The best things to do here is to avoid getting into this situation altogether. Here’s what you can do:


  • Either use the shipping discounts that we’ve mentioned above.
  • Just offer free shipping.
  • Never offer combined shipping ever.


Option 3 should never be used if you really value your customers. It’s great to make it easier for your customer to buy from you. Provide value for both the customer and yourself by choosing either option 1 or 2.

How to Combine Shipping on eBay After Payment

Well, if the customer has already paid before you can send them a combined postage invoice, then it’s pretty much final.

But you can there is something you can do to combine shipment even after payments here is what you need to do.

Click to the sold items and check off every item to combine. Then go to the bottom of the sold item list and click print shipping button.

eBay would ask for confirmation that if you wish to combine then, you proceed after confirmation.
Then a tracking number will be shown on each sale.

But even after you successfully combine shipment after Payment, there are higher chances for you to receive negative reviews for not meeting your handling time.

How to Combine Shipping on eBay as a Buyer

For the buyer, it is much simpler. The buyer only has to click “Request total from Seller” on the top right corner and the order will come as one shipment.

The buyer just needs to make sure that all the items are in the cart.


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Is Combined Shipping on eBay worth it?

Yes, it’s definitely worth it to offer your buyer’s the chance to combine their entire order into one shipment. This way they don’t have to hassle to receive multiple packages and they also save money through paying postage only once. It may not save them a fortune, but it’s still to offer some extra value to your buyers. Most deal-hunting buyers are always on the lookout for different ways to save some extra bucks on their orders. Combined shipping is a great way to offer them a cost-saving method. It also encourages them to buy multiple items from the same seller which can mean more sales for you generating extra revenue. This also means getting more positive feedback for offering the combined shipment option on your listings.


All in all, it’s a great idea to offer combined shipping. I have met a lot of buyers on eBay that often ask me “How do I ask for combined shipping on eBay?” or “How do I combine orders on eBay?” which means that they are actively looking to combine their orders. So, as a seller, it’s always in your best interest to offer combined postage on eBay, this way you provide value to the buyers and also give them a reason to order from you. It helps them save money while also help you save on extra postage and all the hassle that comes with shipping multiple orders.

Feel free to let us know about your experience as a seller on eBay. Do you offer combined shipping and does it help you? Comment below.

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