Best Halloween Products to Sell Online in 2019

As the holiday season get ready to kick off, online store owners are busy researching product ideas for Halloween. I took to AliExpress and proceeded to browse through categories, identified top selling sub-categories, and evaluated their suppliers.

There are several niches that eCommerce stores can dwell into this Halloween season, including:

  • Halloween Costumes & Dresses

There is a huge selection of Halloween costumes and dresses available on AliExpress. While vampire suits, Cleopatra cosplay, witch & wizard costumes have been the historical trend amongst buyers, new ideas are coming out every day.Best Halloween Products

The latest men’s Halloween fashion comes directly from modern day entertainment like IT, Conjuring, Heath Ledger’s Joker, Attack on Titan, Game of Thrones, and many more. A large selection of Halloween costume designs and ideas are also inspired from Marvel & DC superheroes. Trending hero costumes include The Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man, Superman, Batman etc. are also top sellers.


Google Trend Line for Halloween Costumes (13th September to 13th October 2019)


91 Trending Products To Sell Online in 2019 [#54 is EVERGREEN]

Similarly, the Women’s Halloween costume selection comes from cartoons & Disney Princesses including Snow White, Belle, Red Riding Hood, Elsa, and Maleficent etc. Many more leading women’s costumes are inspired from games like Overwatch while a brilliant selection of witches, anime cosplay and wigs are also listed.

AliExpress also offers dedicated sections with amazing costumes for kids and teens. These are usually inspired from superheroes, cartoon characters, movie characters and horror folktales. Trending costumes amongst kids are usually Pokemon onsies, super heroes, Disney cartoons, Ben Ten, Mario Bros., Animals and much more.

  • Halloween Party Masks

A party mask can play great tricks like winning the best Halloween costume prize, and possibly get the most treats. Buyers know that!

Hosting & marketing the right selection of inspiring masks on your e-store can be worth the effort you put in this campaign. You can create bundles with costumes by putting together masks, hooded cloaks and make up sets. There are some really golden products in this category with my favorite Jason Voorhees ice-hockey mask leading the way. The half face skeleton mask is a top seller, while the classic Star Wars Darth Vader mask needs no introduction.


Google Trend Line for Halloween party Masks (13th September to 13th October 2019)

The Guy Folks mask is a true classic for Halloween, and sells more compared to even DC & Marvel superhero masks. Marvel’s Black Panther and DeadPool masks are popular among both men and boys. My favorite idea for a great Halloween mask comes from the movie Predator with an excellent replica of the monster space traveler trending on AliExpress now.

For women there is a trending selection of masks inspired from elvish folk lore, lace masks, and witch masks. AliExpress also offers Disney head gear for women & girls with the likes of Maleficent horns, tiaras, crowns, wigs and cartoon character masks. One brilliant vintage Halloween mask is the face of Chucky the killer doll. Not many would remember this little murderous doll, but a true Halloween classic to wear this year.

A prominent Halloween mask comes from Game of Thrones signature protagonist The Night’s King. The product is perfect for a Halloween followed by the rise of the Night’s King in the TV show. Not only is it trending it’s still fresh in buyers memories. 

  • Halloween Makeup

For many people wearing a simple costume like a cape or cloak will do. They do however indulge themselves in some picturesque makeup and paint effects.

AliExpress gives online store owners a superb selection of make-up kits for Halloween. Trending make-up kits include wounds & scars tattoos, DIY water color kits, temporary arm tattoos, fluorescent body paint, and glowing eyelashes.


Google Trend Line for Halloween Makeup (13th September to 13th October 2019)

  • Halloween Party & Home Decor Ideas

A number of people enjoy celebrating Halloween in its true spirit. This they do by bringing the occasion to their homes.


Google Trends for Holloween Decoration from (13th September to 13th October 2019)

AliExpress suppliers offer a complete selection of home & party decoration ideas for Halloween.  

E-stores sellers can choose from some great trending items including lights, hanging ghosts, glowing pebbles, glowing pumpkins, banners, curtains, hanging spiders etc. Other trending ideas include table cloths, door signs, balloons, stickers, and many other Halloween decoration products.

  • Halloween Accessories

Ali Express offers a large selection of accessories to go with costumes, home decorations, masks and make-up kits. Accessories like the classic vampire teeth and elf ears are the most famous on the website.

Trending accessories for Halloween include leather face masks, hats, wigs, bags, monster hands, gauntlets and many more.



Tip For Halloween 2019 – Source Your Halloween Products in 7 days delivery Time

Halloween is just around the corner, so it would not be a wise decision to source your Halloween products from China. You need to have a US based supplier for that. 

Here is one that I am suggesting from you could easily have your  Halloween products deliver within 7 days.

Here is what you need to do.

Just go to this website and follow these two simple steps

Step 1 – Write keyword in search keywords like Halloween Masks etc.

Step 2 – Here you can will see different products that you can promote and can easily deliver it before the event.



There is only one drawback here, you need to use Dropified to import the product in your.

However, you can take images of the  products and upload it on your website manually, when the customer makes an order you contact the supplier to deliver the product.

Top Categories to Target for Halloween 2019

AliExpress offers a great selection of products that you can choose from. This is made even easier with their sub-categorized products for easy search. To make selection easier, I have sorted the top categories for online store owners to target this year for Halloween:

  1. Men’s Costumes
    • Movie & TV Costumes
    • Anime Costumes
    • Holiday Costumes
    • Clothing & Accessories
  2. Women’s Costumes
    • Movies& TV Costumes
    • Holiday Costumes
    • Anime Costumes
    • Game Costumes & Cosplay
    • Costume Accessories
  3. Boys Costumes
  4. Girls Costumes
  5. Party Masks
    • Horror
    • Party Specials
    • Celebrity
    • Animals
    • Grimace
    • Cartoon & Fantasy Characters
    • Aliens & ET
  6. Halloween Party DIY Decorations
  7. Halloween Makeup
  8. Accessories

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See You Again Soon

I hope you enjoyed our brief overview of top categories to sell from this Halloween. Come back soon more in depth analysis and how to find the best products for Halloween 2019. Do remember to leave your feedback and share your product ideas for the holiday season.

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