How to Find Hot Selling Products In Any Niche Using a Simple Trick – By Rafael Cintron

A lot of people keep complaining on social media about how they keep seeing people who are making tens-to-hundreds of thousands of dollars in dropshipping but to them the whole line of work seems to be dead.

People simply do not believe that it works anymore.

So I set out to find out just who these people making so much money were and what they were doing.

And I sought answers from them.

The strategies I heard were EXTREMELY convincing.

One such ecommerce pro who has succeed with scaling is Rafael Cintron. An exceptionally active-on-social-media mentor who has helped online store owners from around the world find success in their niches with his strategies. I had the pleasure of asking him about a few of his secrets that set him and his students apart from the rest. Here is our chat in full:

Harris: For our readers, tell us a bit about yourself and how you got started in e-commerce.

Rafael: I first started about 3 years ago with a general store learning as much as I could with free resources and courses online. It took me a long time to get generate my first profits… But I was able to scale multiple stores to 6 figures pretty quickly.


Harris: What was the biggest challenge you faced in your journey and how did you overcome it?

Rafael: The biggest challenge was information overload. There are too many courses and resources out there and it becomes really difficult to follow and understand all of them. The best solution for me was to find one suitable course or mentor to follow and do everything they say until you can find success.


Harris: What’s the most common mistake you see most newbie drop shippers make?

Rafael: Choosing overly saturated products and having low-converting stores. From the 100s of stores I’ve reviewed, most lack basic conversion helpers like product reviews or decent descriptions. It’s not just about making good ads, your website needs to look trustworthy and legitimate.


Harris: What is your best process for finding winning products that can sell?

Rafael: I personally started finding my products on Amazon best sellers lists but you can also spy on other stores online and see new products they’re launching every day.


Harris: How do I know which stores to ‘spy’ on to find trending products in any niche?

Rafael: Here’s how I recommend finding stores to get an idea of trending products for any niche. A large e-commerce store with hundreds of thousands to millions in traffic usually has teams of people that are constantly just searching products all day for testing… So we’re going to capitalize on that using this method:

Finding Trending Products From Successful Competitors

  • Step 1: start with a simple search like  “<niche>” (without the quotes and brackets of course) or “<product name>” –

Step 2: Install the SimilarWeb browser extension to check the top ranked stores for these searches. We’re specifically looking for stores that fit the following criteria:

  • More than 1-400K traffic per month
  • Traffic from mostly tier-1 countries
    • Do note that if any website has less than 50K or so traffic per month, then SimilarWeb will simply say that there isn’t enough data for that website.

  • If they have a lot of traffic from social media (Under the “sources” tab in the browser extension) then you should go take a look at their Facebook page, Instagram and whatnot to see what they’re doing with their ads there.

  • Check “Info and ads” on their Facebook page to get an idea of what they are running ad campaigns for.

Now if a store fits these 2 conditions, it is safe (but not a rule) to assume that they are making revenue equal to half of their traffic (for e.g. $200K revenue for a store with 400K traffic per month).

Step 3: Install the Commerce Inspector browser extension to reveal what recent products they have added to their store. Go to the “products” tab and find “recently launched”.

Step 4:  Now all you have to do is to check each of the recently launched products on AliExpress to see if they have a lot of orders there.

Boom! You have now found ‘RECENT’ trending products for your niche that are currently selling like hotcakes for major online stores.


Harris: Is dropshipping dead like a lot of people are saying it is in 2018?

Rafael: Not at all, I recently took one of my clients from $0 to $3,000 in less than 30 days with a general dropshipping store and a 50% profit margin by following my exact process of finding products and making ads. It’s all about finding products that sell but aren’t too saturated and combining them with the right audiences.


Harris: Suppose someone did their homework and found popular products and have a Shopify/Oberlo combo ready with their online store. What should their next steps be in order to get that first sale?

Rafael: I usually start testing my products out with two key channels: Instagram influencers and Facebook ads. Low budgets, multiple audiences/influencers and seeing the return of my initial investment. If I spend $100 on influencer shoutouts and I get at least $150 back in sales, I know the product has potential so I scale it with Facebook ads.

Successful drop shippers stay ahead of the curve and constantly test new trending products more than anyone else until they find a winner and they scale it. Most people think they can get away with just selling a cool t-shirt or phone case, but the truth is you need a converting product and a solid ads strategy for it.

Facebook Ads: you shouldn’t spend more than the product price on one single ad without a sale.

Instagram Influencers: Do at least 4 shoutouts with the target of breaking even or getting one sale.

Google Shopping: (same metric as FB) Don’t spend more than the product price on one single ad -> if it has run more than a week with no sales on that particular product, it’s not winning!


Harris: What’s the best way to get started with a Facebook ad campaign for a promising product?

Rafael: Test with conversion events with the “view content” event to see if there is even any potential out there, then transition on to more conversion events like Add to Basket and Purchase to start getting sales on it.


Harris: What is a lesser known sales channel that you don’t see people using often?

Rafael: GOOGLE. Many new dropshippers highly underestimate Google Ads and never try them at all. I have a student who is making $300/day in profit straight from Google.


Harris: Where would I go to learn more about Google Ads for ecommerce?

Rafael: To learn Google, you can visit my Inner Circle paid program at or check my free Youtube channel at Rafael Cintron Channel.


Harris: What would be your advice to drop shippers who are facing failure?

Rafael: Follow 1 single method/coach and invest in some sort of course or private coaching, then follow it to the T until successful. That’s what changed it for me in the beginning.

Harris: Thanks for your time, Rafael!


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