Dropshipping Diaries: Episode 4 ($19k+ in 22 days)

Hello everyone,

Welcome to the fourth episode of dropshipping diaries. Those who are unfamiliar with dropshipping diaries here is a brief introduction.

Dropshipping diaries is a series of episodes in which we run a dropshipping business and show its progress on a bi-monthly or monthly basis.

To know what happened in previous episodes here is a quick recap for you.

In the first episode, we made $14k in the first 30 days.

In the second episode, we made $46k in revenue in 17 days.

In the third episode, we made $59k in 13 days and still occurred losses

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In this episode, we will tell you about how much revenue we earned from our dropshipping in 22 days of July, but this episode will be more focused on the workforce that is required in running a dropshipping business.

There are many myths generated about a dropshipping business such as,

  • It is a one-person job
  • It only requires 4-5 hours to make hundreds and thousands of dollars
  • It is effortless to run a dropshipping business

You can earn thousands of dollars monthly from dropshipping business, but it requires assistance, efforts, focus, and attention to taste success.

As we have said earlier, you need to find winning products by product testing that would help you to generate thousands of dollars in revenue.

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We would to like add a couple of things in this statement. You can find your winning with testing, but you’d better take some assistance for testing the products for you. An effective team can help you to overcome any hurdle.

For that, I hired a designer to do that for me.

Why did we hire a designer?

I get a designer to create product variation. As per my observation and many other Facebook marketer, a time will come in every online business when the product fails all the way. However, sometimes, this is not about your product; it is about the presentation.

Image result for megamind presentation gif

That inspired me to get a designer to add creative elements in the product representation.

So, make sure that this thing is going to be operational that you check each and everything from your side before you move towards the new product.

Why did we hire product finders?

Finding a product is one of the essential tasks to find the winning product, so it is not a bad idea to hire someone for your assistance to do this job more efficiently.

As per me, if the product is unique and has a massive audience on the targeted platform, you can go by laser audience targeting to find your potential customer then go for LLA (Lookalike Audience) after some time.

Plus if the product is a problem solver, then this is going to be a plus point for you.

“As per my assumption, if you test 10 niche related unique products, you are going to find one winner from them”.

This is where the game starts. Now, coming towards the next point.

 What are the hurdles that we were facing?

The product finder VA that we hire doesn’t know much about the niche. So, it takes more time in there learning. But now they provided us with some good products. So, we can start the game of testing for now.

How much we make in July so far

We make $19,397.90

Although the revenue was much lesser, compared to June, still, we have 8 days left, and we have more than 10 products to test. If we could find just one winning product that would be a game-changer.

Right now, the profit is $5K+, that is a rough estimate exact figure will be provided in the next episode that will be published in a week.

If you recall the last episode, in which we made a revenue of 59k and still end up in losses.

So, despite less revenue, we still managed to earn profits, that is an excellent sign. It proves having large revenue does not delineate success.

Good and bad phases are the part of the business, but you should not lose hope and the coordination with your team to get there best. The achieve the success you need to get your team on one page.

See You Soon

Someone asked me why I am showing, even if the profit is small. Also if I am making loss the why I am displaying it to the public.

This is for all of them who are going to face hurdles in running store. Do not hesitate from barriers and ignore the naysayers. Be focus and consistent, and you will taste success.




Adil Malick

Adil is an inbound marketing veteran with 7 years of experience in the industry. He’s the mastermind of all things related to inbound-strategy at WithinTheFlow. He’s also spending time helping out our community with their SEO problems in our official group.

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