5 Best AliExpress Hair Vendors to Dropship From

Hair extensions and wigs are a popular category on AliExpress for women. The renowned eCommerce platform offers a list of over 150 suppliers who offer quality hair extensions and wigs with a wide selection of styles.

Today, we look at some of the best AliExpress hair vendors who you can partner with.

5 Best AliExpress Hair Product Vendors

AliExpress is a massive online marketplace, one can get lost just looking at all the apparel and clothing they offer. Evaluating the massive number of hair suppliers was exhausting, but eStore retailers will love these suppliers to add to their catalogs.

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AliExpress Hair Wigs

If you are on the lookout for some great hair wigs or hair extensions for yourself or some loved one then AliExpress hair wigs are the way to go.

AliExpress has a dedicated category for hair where you can buy such items that will be very useful to you. The products are mostly high quality and you can always geta refun in case you run into any problems.

Check out the hair stores below to see which one offers the products that interest you.

Ali Annabelle Store

Annabelle hair AliExpress store is one of the newcomers to the platform, slightly two years old. However, the eStore offers a massive selection of hair extensions and wigs compared to many others. Annabelle store offers lists of top sellers, highly recommended products, and new arrivals in sorted menus, in addition to discounted offers & sales.Ali Annabelle Store - Best Aliexpress Hair Vendors

Sellers can choose to dropship Peruvian, Brazilian, Indian, and Malaysian products with further filters available to sort different styles & fashions. The vendor also offers bundle deals, which are a great prospect for niche retail stores.Ali Annabelle Store rating

Inclusive of their 98.1% rating, the store has received over 3000 five star reviews from buyers. The excellent aspect of Annabelle hair Aliexpress store in my opinion are the 4.9 shipping and 4.9 communication ratings. Sellers will be delighted to have products delivered in ideal time, plus keep in constant contact with the supplier.

CARA official StoreCara Official Store - Best Aliexpress Hair Vendors

Operating since 2013 Cara Store is a popular destination for buyers & retailers looking for:

  • Virgin hair
  • High density wigs
  • Full Lace wigs
  • Plus a variety of hair extensions and wig styles

Cara store comes with its own amazing story, building around the brand name & quality products. The supplier offers a pretty simple navigation with a special sale items section, in addition to Top Seller and New Arrivals categories.Cara rating

A powerful overall rating of 98.2% makes the vendor one of the elite list providers of hair products on AliExpress. Excellent shipping & communication ratings makes Cara store one of the top five suppliers to partner with for dropshipping.

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Hot Love

A popular hair vendor on AliExpress, Hot Love is also one of the older suppliers operating with massive overall ratings and feedback. Something I noticed from Hot Love store’s reviews was that retailers trust this supplier, with a lot of feedback from buyers who placed large orders.

There a great hair product selection with choices among Remy human hair, wigs, HotLove exclusives, Sale items, top sellers, and new arrivals. The prices are really good on Hot Love store so great margins to sellers.Hot Love - Best Aliexpress Hair Vendors

There is an excellent selection of products in the catalog with narrowly filtered sub-categories. I liked how the home page displays all latest discounts, collections and popular products for easy access. There are a lot of product bundles and collections for dropshippers to list, plus there is a lot of variety that can be sold under “free plus shipping”. Hot Love Rating

Hot Love has a lower positive feedback of 97.9%, compared to others. But, the eStore is still a popular hair vendor on AliExpress with excellent real time buyer reviews. An excellent shipping, communication, and item ratings establish that Hot Love is a five star supplier.

It is recommended to request shipping times from the supplier before dropshipping from them. There are some negative reviews (a bit older, but relevant) about shipping times and product quality.

Ever Beauty Official Store

The self-proclaimed ‘Most Professional Vendor of Human Hair Wigs, 360 Lace Frontal, Closure, Natural Curly Hair’, Ever Beauty is a branded AliExpress hair vendor. There is a vast selection for sellers to publish products from, and their buyer ratings have radically improved over the past year.Ever Beauty Official Store - Best Aliexpress Hair Vendors

Being a branded supplier, Ever Beauty offers higher prices for similar products, so if you wish to operate with brands this is your vendor. Margins are lower, but can be useful for comparing cheap products on eStores.Ever Beauty Official Store Rating

Shipping and communications ratings are brilliant, but there are some older complaints about product quality. Being a branded store, sellers can expect a level of quality assurance from Ever Beauty Store. I will however not rank this supplier in the five star category, due to conflicting buyer reviews.

Carina Hair Official Store

In operation since 2012, Carina Hair store is also a branded AliExpress hair supplier. Based on buyer reviews I wouldn’t rank them as one of the best AliExpress wig vendors, mostly because of frequent complaints over quality. There is however a huge product catalog with some excellent products listed in:

  • Wigs
  • 1B613 Ombré Color Hair
  • 1B27 Ombré Color Hair
  • Pure613 Color Hair
  • New Items
  • Sale Items

As you would have guessed, Carina Hair official is a niche product supplier concentrating in the multi-color hair segment. Products are available in bundles and collections for another great prospect for dropshipping eStores. There is a great selection of wigs with Brazilian, Indian, and Malaysian hair, so variety won’t be a problem.Carina Hair Official Store - Best Aliexpress Hair Vendors

On to the buyer reviews, where we see a very positive outlook form the suppliers last 50 reviews. Unlike the overall rating, buyers have exclusively commended the quality of product and shipping speed. Recent reviews identify buyers love their purchases, with several mentions of buying again.

Dropshippers will like the fact that Carina Hair official offers very fast shipping reflected in both their ratings and in buyer reviews. There are several mentions of purchases arriving much earlier than expected, with great delivery reviews from European countries.Carina Hair Official Store Rating

One aspect of Carina Hair official that I am a bit unsure about is their communication. It is essential to be in constant contact with your supplier, and Carina Hair has a lower rating with no mention it in buyer reviews.

Best Cheap AliExpress Hair Vendors

In a crowd of hundreds of hair vendors over AliExpress it is difficult to separate expensive brands from cheaper alternatives. Although I can suggest a few options, its best practice to discover these suppliers in real time by yourself. Let’s look at some of the best cheap AliExpress hair vendors first:

There is an abundance of cheap AliExpress hair vendors, and due to the limitations of my blog I couldn’t review and analyze all of them. The above are primarily listed because of good user reviews and excellent ratings. For sellers who wish to dropship from these economical hair suppliers, do consider communication and shipping when sourcing from one of them.

Word of Caution

When choosing cheap AliExpress hair vendors you will have to keep in mind that there can be several problems. Delivery & shipping are the top issue, so do overview the supplier before partnering with them.

Product returns can be hectic, so do consider negotiating with the supplier what happens when products are sent back. Always consider choosing a supplier that has a better product rating than shipping. Even in case products arrive late, they must be of the highest quality. Communication is more or less the same for all AliExpress suppliers, so no special suggestions for that.

See You Again Soon

I hope you enjoyed my list of the best AliExpress hair vendors for 2018. Keep posted and visit again to discover more amazing suppliers across industries with real time reviews. Learn all about dropshipping and eCommerce is our blog section, and remember to join our community of professionals for amazing ideas.

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3 Responses to 5 Best AliExpress Hair Vendors to Dropship From

  1. Michelle Weaver says:

    I have been looking forth to buying myself one of these wigs in the coming days but was unsure about where to shop it from. At times it gets confusing for me to decide considering the competitive prices that many sites offer. Thanks for compiling the best of the sites for us buyers!

  2. Amenda says:

    when sourcing hair products from AliExpress, how do I make sure that the vendor is trusted and will offer high quality products?

    • Adil Malick says:

      This is a very difficult question because there’s no direct answer to it. You can’t just follow a simple pattern to find the best hair vendors on AliExpress. It’s a process of trial and error. You need to look at the feedback of the vendor, their reviews, and how many products they have sold so far. If these things are satisfactory then you can at least be positive that they are doing something right.
      If people are buying their products then they are offering great quality products. This is how you find out the best hair vendors on AliExpress.

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