Best Things to Buy on AliExpress 2019 For Dropshipping

Shopaholics who are always on the lookout for amazing deals will agree that there is no better place to be than AliExpress. As a regular shopper at AliExpress I have enjoyed my experience buying t-shirts, jackets, computer peripherals, stickers, well-being items, and gaming merchandise. However, there are millions of other best AliExpress products to browse through on the massive eStore. Today, we look at the best things to buy on AliExpress 2018. I break down the list into several sections so we can look at several categories, while browsing through lots of cool items to buy on AliExpress.

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Why You Should buy on AliExpress for Dropshipping

AliExpress offers the cheapest items you will ever find. It’s even better than Alibaba in a way because it offers you to buy items individually which means you can buy single items when orders come making the whole dropshipping process easier.

Since AliExpress offers the cheapest rates on items, it means that you can make higher profits by setting up decent profit margins. So, if you want to earn serious profits (think around 30-40% margins) then you should use AliExpress for drop shipping as it makes it easier to set such profit margins on the products.

Best Things to Buy on AliExpress – Let’s Choose the Products Wisely

We kick off with a look at the AliExpress best products, irrespective of category. Here’s what to buy on AliExpress.


May it be a casual t-shirt, a formal suit, a Halloween costume, a wedding dress etc., AliExpress has it. Not just my favorite products to buy from AliExpress but for millions of other people too. The clothing categories are so popular that they are listed as the first two choices in the sidebar navigation menu.Best Things to Buy on AliExpress website

The great aspect that categories are further divided into sub-categories and then again further divided into niches. There is a dedicated ‘Hot Sale’ feature, which offers latest deals and discounts plus there are over 40 categories to choose from. Buyers can enjoy different clothing fashions year round, while dropshippers can keep apparel to buy on aliexpress

I am a t-shirt fan and hence the best thing to buy from AliExpress for me. Similarly, you can look into other clothing including jackets, coats, suits, dresses, kids clothing, underwear, night wear and much more. AliExpress also carries a massive line of accessories also sourced from Chinese manufacturers, with regular sale events almost every month.Google Trend for AliExpress Clothing

The Google Trend for “AliExpress Clothing” is upwards, which means that the market is now picking up for the holiday season and may well run through January-February. Similarly, the current trends for jackets is also picking up on AliExpress.Google Trend for Jackets


A very popular category and one of the best products on AliExpress. Being one of the coolest products to buy on AliExpress watches are also very affordable. There are six sub-categories to browse through in this section. These include:

best watch to buy on aliexpress

  • Fine Jewelry
  • Wedding & Engagement
  • Men’s Watches
  • Women’s Watches
  • Fashion Jewelry
  • Beads & DIY Jewelry

Great Prices

Watches on AliExpress start from $2 going all the way up to expensive higher end goods. these are one of the top AliExpress products. You can also shop by brand, with over 25 brands listed when you browse. AliExpress buyer reviews are a brilliant help in this section allowing both buyers & dropshipping sellers to actively evaluate products. In addition, real time supplier reviews are brilliant to determine the quality of service & delivery.Watches on AliExpress

Smart & Analog Designs

Watches are one of the best items on AliExpress with a selection between analog & digital designs. You can also choose from items for couples, him, her, and children allowing dropshippers a great opportunity for niches. Also, there are products that only require ‘pay shipping only’ and can be bought at zero cost.

Popular Category on AliExpress & AliBaba

To evaluate just how popular products are in the watches and jewelry category it is a good idea to sort the page by ‘Orders’ from the filtering menu. This will give you an exact idea about products that are popular among buyers, products that are bad quality, and products that have gone out of stock.

Buyer Reviews

It’s a brilliant idea to read the reviews especially for the cheapest items on AliExpress. You get real time user feedback and seller ratings below every product. For dropshipping sellers this is also an opportunity to observe number of times a product has been ordered and delivery & jewelry to buy on aliexpress


Factory Cost, Better Margins & Free Shipping

The most amazing aspect of watches & jewelry category of products is probably the brilliant margins that dropshipping sellers can earn. From the buyer’s perspective, there are quality reviews and feedback with dazzling cheap prices. There is a chance to earn up to $9 margin/sale on wrist watches with free shipping, if you can get to the right audience. AliExpress dresses are also an amazing product witha  decent margin.

To justify this section I had to go through several trends, and I loved how smart watch searches trend. If you notice the trend is stable throughout the year, indicating that proper marketing will get you a stable revenues with smartwatches. After days of waiting, a watch that I personally tested with got my store a significant number of orders while earning for me a maximum $9 per sale. Smart Watch Google Trend to buy on aliexpress

The most amazing aspect of watches & jewelry category of products is probably the brilliant margins that dropshipping sellers can earn. From the buyer’s perspective, there are quality reviews and feedback with dazzling cheap prices. There are over a thousand different watches and smart watches that remain unnoticed due to the massive variety of AliExpress items. Its always good to browse through the subcategories to discover new amazing items.

To justify this section I had to go through several trends, and I loved how smart watch searches trend. If you notice the trend is stable throughout the year, indicating that proper marketing will get you a stable revenues with smartwatches. The added advantages of free and $1-$2 shipping, also improves chances of securing great margins in the long term.

Smart Watch Buy Online

Health & Beauty – Nail Art & Make-up

Makeup and nail art products are one of the best items on AliExpress. Not only are they light to deliver, but also offer decent margins to sellers. Found in Health, Beauty & Hair, makeup and nail art products are quickly moving items. A hot favorite among women & teenage girls,  They are also often available in the AliExpress best deals section.Nail Art & Make-up

When done with precise planning and marketing, makeup & nail art products can be a great prospect for sellers. Similar, buyers can enjoy a massive selection of products with amazing deals to save fortunes. Within the two categories, there is a huge lineup of niches to look into that include:

  • Eyes
  • Makeup Tools & Accessories
  • Face
  • Lips
  • Makeup Sets
  • Body
  • Makeup Remover
  • Makeup Brushes & Tools
  • Eye Shadow
  • Nail Art, Gel, Polish, Tools
  • False Nails
  • Acrylic Powders & Liquids
  • Nail Polish Remover
  • Nail Treatments
  • Top & Base Coat

I have seen some brilliant dropshipping eStores already in operation selling these products. Order volumes in the categories are also massive, indicating ideally priced & fast moving products. Among this section eye and nail products are famed for their prices and quality. I also noticed that this section contains a large number of reliable suppliers with excellent reviews & ratings.

nail art google trend dec 15 2016 to dec 16 2017

Google Trend for “Nail Art” Dec 15 2016 to Dec 16 2017


These very ideally priced products are one of the most cheap items to buy on AliExpress, along with the added bonus of free shipping in most cases. Another very interesting fact for this niche is that it has an year round business trend. Searches are recorded from many different regions, indicating that proper marketing can identify a huge global audience.

Google Trends also identified that following graphic indicating the countries where nail art was searched for:

Considering the number of products available with free shipping, there are some very profitable regions including Australia, North & Central America, South Africa, Russia, India, and Europe that can be catered. The great thing is you can create collections to sell more, up-selling & cross selling are ideal in this niche too. Dropshippers will love the prices of nail art items on AliExpress too ranging from $0.5 to $60 depending on items.

DO remember that short term margins are smaller with Nail Art, while long term margins are much better in this niche. Nail art is an ever green item if you ask me and is a great idea for those looking to start off or want a small passive income eStore.


Probably one of the most underrated but evergreen items to source from AliExpress, while excellent for direct buyers in terms of prices. I have noticed a growing trend of buyers purchasing notebooks, stickers, pencil & color pencil sets, paper and other form of stationary from the eCommerce giant.stationary to buy on aliexpress

A very specific niche to work in, but a superb one to go for. The most attractive aspect of stationary items from AliExpress is that they can get large orders and make room for long term business. You will find stationary listed in the all categories section on AliExpress under ‘Office & School Supplies’.Google Trend to Buy Stationary Online

The Google Trend for buy stationary online predicts a massive rise in searches, hence sales. Another important factor to notice is that, stationary supplies have a massive market including offices, schools, hospitals, and homes. As business begin to realize the importance of supply chains and the click n mortar model, they are rapidly converting to sourcing their materials online.

A very popular option in this category are stickers, notepads, writing supplies and educational supplies. Dropshippers take notice, as they can expand to a huge global audience while running promotions on a weekly or monthly basis. Buyers will also love this section, as they can get all stationary in one place at superb prices with free delivery.

Buy Best Things Under 1 Dollar Free Shipping on AliExpress

AliExpress offers dropshippers a great opportunity to buy the best cheap things with their under $10 product range. There is an abundance of products that go unnoticed due to the absence of product reviews. Below are some great product choices for dropshippers who wish to offer free gift, free + shipping products, and $1 or less category items on their eStores:

  • LED Lights, Lamps, Bulbs

This is a great idea for free gifts with laptops phones and phones. These very small and durable LED lights are a great way to delight customers and offer them alternatives when choosing free gifts. There is a wide variety of LEDs that you can offer as free and even as ‘free + shipping’ products. Here are some great examples free reliable sellers:

  1. Portable 4 Port USB Hub
  2. Portable Mini USB Light Bulb
  3. LED USB Reading Light
  4. USB Mini Portable Fan
  • Watches

AliExpress dropshipping has allowed many eStores to sell products free plus shipping. Products are listed at zero cost and all you have to do is pay shipping for them. Watches are a common product sold with this technique over both Twitter and Facebook. There are some excellent items under $1 for you to try out on your eStore in the watches category:

  1. Migeer Retro Sports & Military Watch
  2. Unbranded – Ladies Leather Wrist Watch
  3. Bowake Simple Quartz Watch
  4. MEIBO Vogue Cowboy Leather Watch

You can also select from a massive line up of watches both smart and analog under $1, check out all available $1 or cheaper watches here.

  • Sunglasses

Similar to watches, sunglasses are also a great option to try out for free + Shipping and $1 eStores. They are easy to deliver and can be accommodated easily with a meagre shipping rate. Discover some great options and view all items here to choose the ones that have higher order numbers.Sunglasses to buy on aliexpress

You will notice that some items are a bit over $1 but they are still a great option to publish in your catalog. Do remember to check the seller ratings indicated by either trophies, badges or diamonds listed right under the product listing (shown above). There is a massive selection of sunglasses to choose from with free shipping around the world.

Stay Tuned and visit us again for more best cheap items from AliExpress.

Cute Things to Buy from AliExpress

AliExpress also offers a brilliant line up of products that we can safely categorize as “cute”. Yes, so I took the opportunity to browse through the platform for some great ideas for cute things to buy from AliExpress. If you are looking for free shipping items to sell, simply click the Free Shipping filter in the searches below. Here are sorted results you can look through:

  1. Stuffed toys
  2. Slippers
  3. Notebooks
  4. Cushions
  5. T Shirts
  6. Phone Cases

While there were other amazing cute products to list, I was not sure of the suppliers and shipping on them hence not listed. I will be routinely updating this section so stay connected and visit again for more options.

Things You Should not Buy from Aliexpress for eCommerce Store

Flash Memoryflash memory

Buying flash memory or other storage devices on AliExpress is a very risky thing you can do. Flash memories and storage devices are often used to store sensitive data and as a backup tool. However, if you are ordering these things from AliExpress then there’s a much higher chance of failure and losing all your precious data with it.

Always try to buy/sell high quality storage devices because data is important and if a storage device breaks, you risk losing your entire data or backup.

Water FiltersWater Filters

This should be pretty self explanatory. You should never buy water filters from AliExpress ever. Not for personal use, not for dropshipping, not for gifts, never.

Water filters are supposed to adhere to a certain guidelines and regulations in USA and Europe and many other regions. So, such shady filters from AliExpress come with unknown specifications and are not certified by your local authoritative body.

It’s very unsafe to use such filters for your daily water consumption as it possess a huge risk to your health and the health of your loved ones.

Razor Blades

If you are already thinking about health and safety then this should be pretty self explanatory as well. Razor blades are something that should be very clean and sterile before you use them on your body.

Buying razor blades from AliExpress with unknown brands is very risky and could lead to dangerous health issues which can often be fatal. So, never buy razor blades from AliExpress even for dropshipping as it puts your customers’ health at risk.

Graphics Cards

If you are a computer geek or a harore gamer then you know how much a good graphics card costs and how important it is for a decent computer build. However, it’s never a good idea to buy anything electronic from AliExpress let alone a graphics card.

There are countless graphics cards available on AliExpress and that too with cheaper price tags, but these cards are of low-grade quality and will kick the bucket within months, if not days. It’s much better to invest in a higher quality card from a known brand instead of going with shady AliExpress brands.


Similar to graphics cards, you should never buy smartphones on AliExpress either. These are also electronics and AliExpress is infamously known for having low-quality electronics.

A smartphone is a device that’s supposed to be personal and you use it as your daily driver. It would be a shame if your smartphone just dies on you out of the blue. So, it’s a better choice to buy a brand name smartphone instead of trying to score a deal on AliExpress.

See You Again Soon

I hope you will find this guide useful to discover new products and add new categories to your eStores. For more ideas and products simply connect with us on our social media profiles. Remember to drop your comments and feedback below, so I can add more options for you guys.

Do comeback again for more updated best things to buy on AliExpress. In the meantime check out our brilliant line up of tutorials to help you with your dropshipping business.

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  1. Cecil says:

    Thank you Ameer. A good article that ended with what not to buy on liexpress. It made a lot of sense. However, although the company is good and the technology pretty advanced, the communication between buyers and sellers is wanting. Also, we are not sure about the rating system as the Chinese will say Yes, for anything t get the business and never deliver.

    I ordered a shoulder brace. After 10 days and a tracking number, it had still not left the country. When I asked the company what had happened and why the status showed canceled, he replied that the logistics company must have done that. So you see, each one tells his own lies and stories. So, I lost 2 weeks and had to file a dispute to get the money back. That was resolved almost immediately but the money will come in only after 3 – 20 days.

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