Chapter 8 – Six Best Dropshipping Niches

What are the Best Dropshipping Niches?

Before selecting to penetrate into any niche, keep these in mind when searching for your dropshipping products,

  • The product should be lightweight.
  • Avoid dropship electronic or mechanical products.
  • The product should not easily breakable.
  • Should not be too expensive range between 5 – 40 USD.
  • Product should have an impulse buying feature.

By keeping all these factors in mind here is a list of some best dropshipping niches and the trending products in those niches.

6 Best Profitable Niche for Dropshipping

Men & Women Clothing

Clothing is one of the most profitable and evergreen niches in the dropshipping industry.

The profit margins are high, the shipment is cheap, and it has an impulse buying feature.

I recommend you to target men and women clothing as a separate niche to get more in-depth targeting. However, fashion has become androgynous (unisex) and you get more chances to sell clothes that are unisex in nature such as Blazer and Cardigan.

In this niche, you also have the opportunity to create sub-niches fall under men and women clothing such as,

  •    Inner wear (shapewear, compression wear)
  •    Athletic wear
  •    Casual clothing (T-shirts)
  •    Coats and Blazers
  •    Formal clothing

Automobile Accessories

Automobile accessories are a different beast. They are the things that ease the driving experience and help in the maintenance of automobiles.  

Here is the list of some trending automobile accessories in 2019 that you can quickly sell on your dropshipping store and make excellent profits:

  •    Car mobile holder
  •    Car diffuser
  •    Windshield repair kit
  •    Car wrap sheet roll
  •    Dent repair tool

Accessories (Jewelry & Watches)

Accessories are an evergreen niche in the dropshipping industry.

The niche contains products that you can easily buy cheaply from suppliers and sell them 5x the actual price.

Here are some sub-niches under accessories category that can become a game-changing product for your dropshipping store:

  •    Enamel pins
  •    Locket, rings, and bracelets
  •    Wristwatches
  •    Sports watches
  •    Wallets & belts
  •    Mugs, cups, and glasses

Home & Kitchen Appliances

By 2023, user penetration in the home appliance is expected to grow up to 32.4% in the UK alone. And that’s only the UK. Home and kitchen appliances have high penetration in other nations and it shows the niches potential.

It shows how much people are looking for home appliances and similar product. Two primary reasons that online buyer look for home appliances are:

  • These products can easily gain trust
  • Hard to find in brick-and-mortar stores

That’s why buyers quickly purchase them once they see them listed online.

Here is a list of some of sub-niches in home appliances that could become a winning product for your dropshipping store.

  •    Bar Stools
  •    Pillows & Cushions
  •    Fancy chairs
  •    Doormats
  •    Showpieces
  •    Steel Pan & Woks

Beauty & Healthcare Products

You can get a lot of profitable products from beauty and healthcare niche. It has many branches that have higher profits with lesser shipping and selling issues.

People are always concerned about their health and beauty, which leads them to search for products that can cure their health issue and groom their personality.

Here are some of sub-niches and product ideas that you can dropship very easily:

  •    Feminine care & Hygiene products (such as tooth floss, facial tissues)
  •    Natural healthy oil & ointments (avocado oil)
  •    Facemask
  •    Makeup products

Bags & Shoes

Bags and shoes niche has a universal appeal that is never going to end soon. Bags and shoes also have an impulse buying nature which is aids in their promotion.  

You do not have to put much effort to entice the online buyer to purchase these products.

Here is a list of some sub-niches and product ideas:

  •    Traveling backpacks
  •    Hiking shoes
  •    Formal shoes
  •    Sneakers
  •    Handbags
  •    School & college bags
  •    Casual shoes

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